Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 2067

It's hard to know what Dot's limits are. She seems more enthusiastic about life now that she's not taking the Palladia pills, but she's not really very much stronger. Will continuing her exercise walks make her stronger, or will this activity just wear her out? I don't know. Walking Dot is like driving a car held together with duct tape.

Dot stumbled around when she first got up this morning and pooped in the house again, but seemed eager to walk a few minutes later. She seemed strong and confident even on the tough hills, but crashed as soon as we got home. I was hoping that she'd continue sleeping while I fixed breakfast, but the smell of sausages cooking woke her up and she got up and went to the kitchen where she could be certain that I would hear her barking. The entire day was like this. I'd be thinking that I'd worked her too hard and then she would roar back to life for an hour or two. Considering how active she was today, Dot did very well in the underwater treadmill. She's sleeping now though. Probably enough is enough.

It didn't take that long to get caught up on my assignments, since there were only two of them. Today was just about right. I did a little writing, did a little website work and still had time to fix myself French Toast and sausages. I even managed to get Dot to the vet on time, since the traffic was surprisingly light this afternoon. If it weren't still unbearably hot, I would have little to complain about today.

I find it fascinating that a 73 year old socialist and a 69 year old egotist have captured the nation's political attention. Who would have thought? Everyone is always talking about being sick of the Washington establishment, but maybe this time they mean it. If I was a politician, I'd be a little worried about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. I'm not all that fond or either political party, but I definitely don't think we need another Clinton or Bush in the White House. It's time for something different. Don't expect me to get excited about the upcoming election though. I'm still a little nervous about democracy in general. Walmart and the Kardashians are great examples of democracy at work. You can never underestimate the will of the people. Basically, whoever wins, we deserve exactly what we get. If we really thought about who we were electing, we would do things a lot differently.

The roofers have promised to come out and patch my roof tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. I really don't have much faith in anybody these days. With no rain in sight, I guess there's no hurry in getting the elastomer coating repaired, but it will rain eventually. Probably the day after it rains will be when the roofers actually arrive. I've already taken the week's trash out to the curb. Maybe I'll go get my car safety inspected tomorrow. I've got to do it sometime this month anyway. I'll definitely go out and have a tasty breakfast tomorrow morning whether I make it to the dealership or not. My go-to Amigas plate is less expensive than a safety inspection and a lot more enjoyable.

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