Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 2074

I don't think the stars were aligned today. Janet got the third nail in her tire this month and Dot pooped all over the place. Now that Dot is feeling a little stronger, she doesn't poop in her bed as much. Instead, she gets up and poops on the carpet as she is heading for the back door. If I notice that she is up, I will take her outside immediately, but I slept through the whole thing last night. When Janet got up to take a shower this morning, she stepped in the poop, but I didn't wake up then either. I was really tired.

Needless to say, there was lots of laundry to do today. I washed the dog blankets, two little rugs, and Janet's house slippers. I took a much bigger rug outside and hosed it off. I think this rug is a lost cause though. We will probably have to throw it away. When I finally got the house cleaned up and smelling good again, it was almost time to take Dot downtown for her physical therapy session. I took her outside for a good ten minutes to make sure she didn't have to go again. She did nothing. As soon as we were on our way and stuck in busy traffic, she pooped again in the car. What a mess. Now, I'll have to start carrying a spare protective pad with me in the car. I asked the vet if there was any pill that worked for poop the same way that Incurin does for pee. The Incurin really did cure Dot's urinary incontinence. Evidently, our current problem isn't the same. Dot just doesn't have the strength to empty her colon anymore. It's not her fault, but it does make life difficult.

It didn't rain much today, but we got a huge amount of rain last night. This meant I had to get up on the roof again. I was pleased to see that the patches the roofers made last week seemed to have held up pretty well. I think the roofer has changed brands of the elastomer coating material he uses, because this new coating seemed to be much stronger than the original material. It actually kind of looked like what he promised in the first place. I'll have to call the roofer tomorrow and see what's going on. I know that some of you are convinced that I'm going to kill myself up on the roof, but this is the least of my worries. I'm far more concerned about getting attacked by an aggressive loose dog in the park, or getting involved in a traffic accident with one of the thousands of idiot drivers on Dallas roads. At least my work on the roof is somewhat under my control.

I got some new writing and website assignments toward the end of the day, but I'm not going to worry about them until tomorrow. Even when I'm a day late, I'm still more responsive than anyone else I know. The world just doesn't seem to work anymore. People are either perpetually tired or they just don't care. Sometimes I look around and think I'm witnessing a global burn out. No matter what people are doing, they always seen rushed. I get put on hold a lot when I call my clients these days. There seems to be lots of activity, but nothing actually gets accomplished. How did things get this way?

I have some friends who live near where all those forest fires are located in Washington State. I hope they don't get burned out. I complain about the weather a lot, but at least we don't have hurricanes, forest fires, and mudslides. I can't decide whether I want more rain tomorrow or not. It's a lot of trouble to get all that water off the roof, but even after last night's downpour, the yard still looks dry. I guess I hope it does rain tomorrow, but that it doesn't start until I've finished walking the dogs and returned from my breakfast restaurant. I'd like to wake up refreshed tomorrow morning after getting six hours of deep sleep, This would be so much nicer than waking up in the middle of the night to the smell of dog poop.

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