Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 2105

The Emmy Awards are on tonight and I don't know hardly any of the nominees. I've never even heard of Andy Samberg, the host of this year's show. Unless someone like Billy Crystal, Neil Patrick Harris, or Ellen DeGeneres hosts these type of things, I'm lost. Janet likes a few current shows like Modern Family, but other than Dr. Who and Sherlock on BBC, I rarely watch anything that isn't at least thirty years old. Most of the shows I like would never get on the air in today's politically correct world. Great shows like Seinfeld and All in the Family made fun of everybody. Southpark still tries to spread the insults around equally, but I've never been a fan. I'll never really understand why shows like The Big Bang Theory are popular and nobody is making shows like Fawlty Towers anymore. I date myself. John Cleese. Pink Floyd. Hunter S. Thompson. Now, that's entertainment.

I never really planned to establish a Sunday routine, but it appears there is one. For over a month I've been getting up early so we can walk Dot before she poops in the house. We feed the dogs and eat breakfast when we get home. After several cups of coffee, I check my e-mail and head to the gym. Going to the gym in the morning is definitely an improvement. My workout lasts about an hour and then I come home and vacuum the house. There are always a few other chores as well. Sometimes I'll mow the grass. Other times I'll wash the car. There are rare occasions when I need to finish a job on Sunday to meet a deadline, but this doesn't happen very often. Janet likes to cook on weekends, so we usually eat our biggest meal of the week on Sunday evening. I eat the leftovers for the rest of the week. The dogs always get an evening walk before I start writing the blog. This routine rarely varies.

Dot had a lot of energy today. She got out of bed and walked to the kitchen without any assistance this morning. She was relaxed on her walk, stopping to sniff the same things that interested Dash along the way. Later in the day, when I let Dash out in the back yard to pee. I was startled to see Dot right beside me. Where did she come from? I'd left the back door open and Dot had managed to negotiate the small step that led to the porch all by herself without falling. I was amazed, because she still stumbles a lot if I'm not holding the rear part of her harness.

I wish I could tell you that something really exciting was going to happen this week, but I suspect that I'll have to be satisfied with the small things. Small things are OK. Today I was happy that I sunk five "nothing but net" baskets in a row while I was shooting free throws at the gym. Maybe I'll add some cinnamon or a different type of berry to my morning smoothie next week. I might get a check from a client in the mail. Maybe the odd noise my car is making is covered by warranty. We'll see what happens. As long as Dot and Dash stay healthy and I don't have to go to any meetings, I'm fine.

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