Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 2133

I've noticed that there are several people at the gym who leisurely read the Sunday paper while while they are using the recumbent elliptical machines. Isn't this missing the whole point of going to the gym? These guys are moving so slow that the only thing that's going to get their heart rate up is reading a story in the local news section about a mugging in their neighborhood. I shouldn't be critical though. I'm missing the point all the time.

Of course, maybe I'm right and everybody else is missing the point. It gets confusing. How can you have a serious talk about climate change without acknowledging that there are already way, way too many people on the planet? We are the problem. I guess it's easier to tell people to quit using fossil fuels than to quit having sex. Everybody seems worried about shark attacks these days. Why don't they just stay out of the water? That would be too easy though. Sometimes I think we are just hardwired to miss the point. Most politicians don't have a clue about why they are actually in Washington. To tell you the truth, I don't have a clue why I started my own business. I don't even like business.

Sunday's keep getting busier. Leaves are falling from the large Oak and Elm trees now, and I have to continually keep sweeping the porch and patio to minimize tracking them all inside. The leaves that do make it inside, I vacuum up with the Dyson. I wish I could come up with an easier way to clean the house. Before I can even start vacuuming, I need to move all the dog beds, water bowls, and chairs out of the way. I'll move everything off a rug, clean it, put the stuff back, and them move on to the next rug. There are 21 rugs to clean.

I sure wish Steve Jobs were still alive. Steve would have never tolerated the sloppy way software updates are released these days. After two updates, I'm still having problems with IOS 9 on my phone. I'm not the only one either. A quick Google search confirmed that hundreds of people are having the same problems I'm dealing with. Ever since I updated my operating system, I've been noticing that WiFi hotspots I know to be working just disappear. Some apps no longer work with WiFi at all and you have to use cellular date to access the all important cloud. It's a mess. I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to be surprised when they get their next wireless bill and discover that they're way over their data plan limit. Why did we even need IOS 9 anyway? I was happy with IOS 8. Hell, I was happy with IOS 5.

The dogs had a nice weekend. Dot must be feeling stronger, because she's walking more briskly now. We're walking the same distance in the morning, but we get home about five minutes earlier than we used to. Dot sets the pace, and she's decided to speed things up a bit. Dash is better too. I haven't detected any limping in three days. He's lifting his legs higher too, because I don't hear his nails dragging the pavement every time he takes a step. I'm sure the cooler weather helps. It was only 57 degrees when we left the house this morning.

We ate well this weekend, but it will be back to my morning smoothies tomorrow. Both dogs have vet appointments next week and I need to have my own blood work done as well. Janet says there is equipment that Dalmatian Rescue needs for its next off-site event in my storage warehouse. I don't remember seeing this stuff, but that doesn't mean anything. I'll go take a look.

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