Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 2139

The dogs are full of surprises. It was still raining when we woke up this morning, so I thought we were going to have a huge problem getting Dot and Dash to do their business. Our plan was to take them each out in the alley behind our house and faced with the alternative of pooping quickly or getting very wet, they would make the sensible choice. Reliable Dot had everything taken care of in a matter of minutes. When we got her dried off and ready for breakfast, it was time for me to repeat the process with Dash. Dash hates rain, so I thought he might refuse to leave the porch. Nope. He headed straight for the park. Maybe as soon as he got to his regular pooping place, he would turn around and come home. Nope again. Inexplicably, he seemed to be enjoying himself. He wanted to go on his regular long walk. By the time we eventually returned home again, we both were completely soaked. The dog who hates rain, baths, and any other form of water, looked like he had a good time.

I know that I wasn't going to mess with the roof until our current rainy spell was over, but I saw a couple of pictures on the Internet of storm damaged homes where the roof had caved in and it got me nervous. I'm not really sure how strong our roof actually is, but tons of water adding to the structural load can't be good for it. It took me about an hour to pump and sweep last night's accumulation of water away. I'm sure the water will return, since the remnants of Hurricane Patricia are headed our way. The storm is dissipating quickly and should pass south of us, but I would still anticipate a lot more rain.

I can't find peaches anymore for my morning smoothies. I guess they're out of season. It's weird that some fruit like strawberries and blueberries are generally available all year long, but peaches are still strictly seasonal. I guess I could try substituting pears or plums, but I've grown fond of the taste of peaches and bananas. I spend way too much time fretting about such things. It would be easier if I just had a glass of orange juice like the rest of the world.

A cold front must have swept through town with last night's rain. I needed to look for a warmer jacket this morning. Actually, what I needed most was a good raincoat. Of course, since I didn't anticipate being gone for an hour, I just wore a light jacket and got cold and wet. The colder weather reminded me that it's about time to get the Winter coats out of the storage warehouse. I don't have enough closet space as it is and when the heavy coats are in the house, the place seems even more crowded than usual.

I saw a small dragonfly hovering around our living room window this evening. It's was probably trying to get inside where it was warmer. I usually see these things flying around on hot August afternoons. It seemed really out of place seeing one today. I guess there's always someone who didn't get the memo.

Maybe Dash went on a walk in the rain today because he was bored. I kind of think this is why he no longer likes his regular food either. He might want a change of pace. It's a shame when even your dog thinks you lead a boring, predictable life.

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