Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 2151

Things have started to return to normal. It wasn't a great day, but it wasn't sheer chaos like yesterday either. Dot was surprisingly strong this morning, especially considering what a tough week she's had. She was confident and surefooted on her morning walk and did equally well on the treadmill during her physical therapy session. She even pooped outside today. I was pleased.

I still fielded quite a few calls from insurance adjusters, plumbers, HVAC contractors, and others regarding my pipe leak, but nobody came to the house today. That was a blessing. Dot is fine with phone calls. She just doesn't like visitors. There still might be a few snags to take care of, but it appears that my complex repair job is moving forward.

I shut off the water at the water meter for a while today. That definitely took care of the leak. The rushing water in the pipes stopped immediately. Of course I couldn't use the washing machine. I couldn't use the dishwasher, I couldn't wash the car, I couldn't take a shower, I couldn't even use the toilet. You don't really realize how much water you use in a normal day until you don't have any. I turned the water back on again after about five hours, because I'd had enough. It's too bad there is no way of shutting off the water supply from inside the house. It's a pain to have to go out in the front yard, take the iron cover off the water meter, and struggle with the rusty master water valve. A few years ago when I took the cover off the water meter, there was a snake inside. I'm OK shutting the water off during the day. I'm not going anywhere near that thing at night.

I'm surprised at how common water problems like mine are. When I described my leak situation to people today, almost half of them either can experienced the same thing themselves or had a close friend with a pipe leak. The dispatcher for my HVAC contractor said that plumbers had to tunnel under their home all the way from one end to the other. Dot's vet said that she was hearing strange noises in their pipes and another person at the clinic said that she had to deal with $800 water bills for three months because of an underground leak. Everyone seemed to share my frustrations at the many difficulties they faced fixing a problem like this. This wasn't exactly a bonding moment though. All these shared experienced just made me more apprehensive.

The rain continued today. We were lucky and stayed relatively dry when we walked Dot and Dash this morning. My luck ran out when I took downtown Dot to her physical therapy session though. As soon as I got Dot in the car, it started to pour. The off and on rain showers continued for most of the day. I'm hoping that the skies clear tonight and that I can start a quiet uneventful day with a good breakfast at my favorite restaurant.  If tomorrow ends up being a repeat of last Friday, I still have plenty of work to keep me busy. I received two new web projects today and there is still a backlog of projects I haven't finished yet. It's nice to be busy, but it's even nicer to get out of the house occasionally. Maybe if it's a gentle rain, the dogs won't even notice.

I don't think I'd make a very good nomad. I couldn't live very long without running water and electricity. Let's hope by this time next week, everything is fixed.

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