Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 2162

NASA approved my application to attend the Orbital ATK OA-4 resupply flight to the International Space Station in early December. I've been looking forward to attending another launch ever since I was invited to Vandenberg Air Force Base last January. Unfortunately, quite a bit has changed since January. Even though it was quite an honor to get press credentials to view a second NASA launch, I had to decline their invitation. Life has simply become too chaotic for me to fly to Florida for three or four days.

Taking care of Dot has become a full time job. It really takes two people to ensure that she gets her therapy and daily walks. We can't forget about Dash either. Even on a good day, coordinating everything can get complex. Our recent plumbing disaster hasn't made things any easier. When NASA gives you press credentials, they don't actually pay for anything. Airfare, hotels, rental cars, and meals are all at your own expense. Even if Dot were well, I don't think I could afford the trip after paying the huge plumbing and restoration bills caused by our broken pipe. That's life. Maybe I'll get invited to cover another launch after my life has returned to normal.

Life certainly wasn't very normal today. The environmental remediation company came to clean the HVAC ducts and remove their one remaining dehumidifier. Dot wasn't happy with the visit. The duct cleaning machine was noisy and it didn't take Dot long to start barking. Since there are heating vents in every room, I had to keep moving Dot to different rooms as the work progressed. It didn't take all that long for her to start pooping in the house again. I'm going to miss the big blue dehumidifier that's been humming away in our living room for the past week. Within an hour after the cleaning crew packed up their equipment and left, I was already starting to see the the humidity rise. I'd hate to go back to dealing with condensation on all the windows again, so we'd better go out and get our own dehumidifier soon.

One of the reasons the humidity was higher inside today was that it was 100% outside. Yes, it was a very rainy day.  I wish I'd told the tunneling crew to take all the extra dirt they couldn't fit back in the hole with them. Now, instead of wood mulch around the perimeter of the yard, there is a strip of sticky mud. Since this used to be one of Dash's favorite areas to pee, he's getting even muddier than usual.

It was amazing that I got any work at all done today. In addition to the disruptions caused by the duct cleaning crew, there was also quite a bit of thunder and lightning. Dash is even worse about storms than Dot now. Every time there was a thunder clap, I'd find him shivering under my desk. Eventually, the only solution was to take a nap with the dogs until they both calmed down. Naps are good, but they are only a temporary solution. There's a whole new day to look forward to tomorrow.

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