Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 2188

Three down, one to go. I photographed everything from Chihuahuas to Old English Sheepdogs today. Since it was a rainy day, I thought attendance might be down, but we were booked solid, just like our previous two events. I wonder what dogs really think about being dressed up like elves? Most are surprisingly patient. Some people do several costume changes with their pets. When we get busy there are so many costumed pets wandering around that it seems like we are in the dressing room for a weird Broadway musical.

We had our first dog that wanted to bite us today. The owners said he was just being protective. Why would someone bring a dog like this to sit on Santa's lap? It boggles the mind.

I remember these days more by what we have for lunch than anything else. Normally, I don't eat lunch at all, but convincing dozens of dogs to act like supermodels can make you hungry. The first day we had Papa John's Pizza. The second day we has sandwiches from Schlotzsky's. Today we had lunch brought in from Panera Bread. This is all forbidden food for me, so having a slice of pizza while a pair of Schnauzers are having their costumes changed is a guilty pleasure. I don't see how people can eat like this day after day though. This much salt, sugar, and refined white flour just isn't healthy.

The dehumidifier struggles on days like this. On warm, rainy days the humidity outside is 100%. I've decided that I feel the most comfortable when the humidity is around 35%, but the little machine just can't deliver this desert like dryness after a heavy rain. Maybe it would be easier to just move to Arizona. Janet wants to buy a second dehumidifier for her closet. By Summer, we'll probably have dehumidifiers all over the place.

Despite the rain and a very busy schedule, Dot and Dash still managed to get their two daily walks. Dash and I got wet on our evening walk, but neither of us seemed to mind. After spending a day watching strobes go off in a room filled with the smell of wet dogs, it was nice to be outside again. Tomorrow, we've got to regroup and do the whole thing all over again. Nobody peed on the backdrop today, but it did get dirty since it was raining outside. Maybe I can just sweep it off with a broom before we start tomorrow. All the batteries are recharging now and nothing is broken. I think we're good to go.

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