Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 2494

We started Dot on the Tramadol pills today. She didn't initially seem any stronger, but she was awake and active for longer periods of time. Does this mean that she is feeling better and has more energy, or does it mean that the pills are making her agitated and irritable? I really don't know. In practical terms it meant that Dot sat up in her bed and barked for me to come help her move a lot more often. We went outside quite a bit today, only to turn around and come right back inside again. It will take a few more days to see whether these pills are helping or not. I'd be happy if the Tramadol was making her feel better, but I'd hate to add one more level of frustration to her life. The whole point of the pills is to try and make her rear legs a little stronger. If all they do is make her bark more, I think we'll discontinue them.

Since work was slow today, I thought I'd try to tie up a few loose ends. I inquired about the estate of one of my relatives that has been in probate for well over a year. The attorneys didn't seem to know any more than I did. They promised that they'd check on the status for me, but I got the distinct impression that they'd totally forgotten about the estate. I actually have no idea how long it normally takes for an estate to wind its way through the probate process, but a year and a half seems like a long time.

I called the roofers again today and practically begged them to come out and finish their repair before the next big rain. They keep telling me that they'll be out as soon as they can and that actual leaks have to take priority over potential leaks. Fine. I'm going to have an actual leak pretty soon if I can't get these defective areas on the roof patched properly.

I've quit watching the news while I eat breakfast and have started watching old Star Trek and Dr. Who episodes instead. The upcoming election is really starting to get on my nerves. Why do we have to choose between a totally incompetent candidate and a totally corrupt candidate? It doesn't even matter who wins. The next four years are going to be pretty messy because half of the country hates the other half. We have become the Humpty Dumpty nation. The acrimony and division have become so great that I don't think all the kings horses and all the kings men could ever bring us all back together again. I don't see many yard signs this year. It's like a poker game where everyone is holding their cards close to the vest. People don't want to get in a fight with their neighbors or their family, but in the privacy of the voting booth they will express their frustration. It's almost like a bloodless civil war.

I can't decide whether to move this week's trash to the new can the city provided or just wait until next week to inaugurate things. It's a bit messy to move trash from one can to another, but it's not nearly as messy as cleaning up poop. At any rate, this will probably be my big decision of the day tomorrow. The little bird I photographed today doesn't look very happy. Maybe these two birds have been arguing about the election.

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