Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 2213

I took down the Christmas tree this morning, packed everything away, and took the decorations back to the storage warehouse. It seemed like the appropriate thing to do on a dismal, grey day. I don't know what the deal is with the weather lately. One day it will be nice. The next day is will be miserable, And the next day it will be nice again. You never know how to dress when you wake up in the morning. It's making me crazy.

I went to the bank and paid some bills after breakfast. That was about it. I had planned to go to the UPS Service Center and pick up a package, but UPS lost it again. I don't know why these things still irritate me, since they happen so often, but I wish UPS would get its act together. The UPS website and the UPS trucks seem to live in alternate universes. This certainly isn't the first time the website said I had a package that was going to arrive today and it just wasn't on the truck. I thought I could solve the problem by going down to the main service center and picking up the packages myself, but that hasn't been working so well either. Once, a UPS employee told me that the tracking information on the website was electronically generated and just told you where the package was supposed to be at any given point in time. Where the package actually was, could be completely different. That explains a lot.

I noticed that there was a big estate sale across the street from us when I went to the post office today. I knew that there were elderly people living in the house, but I didn't even know they had died. I don't understand the fascination with estate sales. They often attract huge crowds. This must have been a big one, because a line of people stretched all the way around the house waiting to get in. There were large hand lettered signs telling the bargain hunters not to park in the yard. There was another sign that said "no children allowed." That seemed strange. Although the sale seemed to be attracting people from all over Dallas, I didn't bother to cross the road and take a look. I find estate sales depressing. I hope I'm organized enough to downsize and dispose of things before I die when my time comes. Probably, I'll never get around to it though and my storage warehouse will end up being fought over on Storage Wars.

There were feathers all over the back yard this morning. It looked like one of the neighborhood feral cats had killed a bird during the night. I couldn't find the bird, but if it's still around, Dash will find it. My first thought was that maybe the cats had killed the bird that keeps pooping on my car, but the feathers were the wrong color. My second thought was that I really need to find the dead bird before Dash does. The last time Dash ate something dead in the yard, he had diarrhea for two days. Maybe the cats took the bird with them or ate the whole thing. That's always a possibility.

I sure wish that Dot had pooped earlier. Now it's pouring rain and I'll never be able to get the dogs outside again until it quits. There may be clear skies again tomorrow. Maybe my package will turn up. Anything could happen. I think there's a good chance that tomorrow might be better than today.

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