Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 2276

We survived the rain. I didn't get much sleep last night, because every time there was a thunderclap, one of the dogs would wake up in a panic and start barking. Every time Dot barked, I kept thinking she was going to poop, but she didn't. There is no predicting these things anymore. Both dogs wisely chose to forgo their morning walk when it began raining even harder at daybreak. I thought Dash was going to explode, but after seven or eight trips to the back door, he finally decided that it wouldn't kill him to poop in the yard. With all this going on, breakfast took a little longer than usual. That was fine with me. There wasn't much else to do anyway.

When I turned on the pump this morning, it wasn't working. Against my better judgement, I climbed up on the roof to investigate and discovered that it had become clogged with debris falling from the trees. up. It's that time of year again. Oak trees flower in the Spring right before the leaves start to form. The small flowers, called catkins, are arranged in long drooping spirals that quickly fall off the tree and land on the roof. They are just the right size to totally clog the sump pump. I've burned up several pumps this way. At any rate, I cleaned the gunk out of the pump, got it working again, and since the rain had temporarily stopped, decided to stay on the roof and clear away the remaining water myself. It was a fairly futile gesture, since the rain started again almost as soon as I was finished, but it beat sitting inside and listening to the dehumidifier.

Dot had a good day at her physical therapy session. Maybe she had more energy today, since we didn't take a morning walk. After last week's disappointing performance, I was worried that the cumulative effect of the Paladia pills was making Dot too weak for her water therapy exercises, but she was fine this week. She did poop in the lobby as soon as we arrived at the vet, but that was a huge improvement over pooping in my car like she did last week. It was still raining when we returned home, but luckily the traffic wasn't bad today. Just about every aspect of today involved getting wet.

I'm getting bored with my diet again. I wish it wasn't so much trouble to cook Chinese or Thai food, because I'm getting hungry for Pad Thai. Unfortunately, it's way too much trouble to assemble all the ingredients for a quick dinner for one. I tried to make this dish a long time ago and quickly discovered that mixing together tamarind paste, fish sauce, rice noodles, bean sprouts, eggs, chiles, green onions, sliced pork, peanuts, and sundry other ingredients was way out of my league. It is much easier to just make a cheeseburger.

Maybe I'll have a cheeseburger tomorrow. I need to get my March invoices out and get started on my taxes. I need to do a lot of things, but if it keeps raining I'm just going to be cleaning up wet dogs.

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