Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 2304

My rubber snakes are gone. When the landscapers were using their leaf blowers to clear away all the leaves in the yard, they must have blown the snakes off the car, bagged them up with the leaves, and thrown them away. The two colorful rubber snakes were the only things I've found so far that were the least bit effective at keeping annoying Bluejays and Cardinals from pooping on my car. It should be an easy matter to go buy some replacement snakes, but rubber snakes are surprisingly hard to find. I found mine at the Dollar Store in a bin filled with cheap children's toys. When I went back to get some more today, they were all gone. Now the bin is filled with little action figures and rubber dinosaurs.

I haven't been having much luck getting Dot to her physical therapy appointment lately. She pooped in the car again on the way downtown. I kind of knew it was going to happen when I had to get off the freeway and take a detour because of an accident. It doesn't take much to get Dot upset. Once she realized we were no longer on our regular route, it was all over. Once we arrived, Dot did pretty well. We've had to slow down the treadmill a bit, but she's still hanging in there. When Dot was getting her acupuncture therapy, the vet kept asking me if I smelled incense. Nope. My sense of smell isn't very good. The only thing I was able to smell this afternoon was poop. It turned out that another customer had brought incense with them. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

I'm going to have three choices for breakfast this Friday. The Dream Cafe has finally opened a restaurant in the neighborhood. I've been waiting for this place to open for over a year. We drive by the location every week on our way to physical therapy and I noticed today that the construction crews were gone and people were eating on the patio. I hope the place is as good as the original downtown location. Maybe I'll go this Friday and try their fried chicken and waffles. If you haven't had chicken and waffles, you haven't had a proper Southern breakfast.

I missed another opportunity to view a Space X launch at Kennedy Space Center. I'm not even going to apply for NASA credentials anymore. The Dragon Cargo Spacecraft launch is tomorrow. I'll watch it on my computer. Leaving town just isn't going to happen while I'm taking care of Dot. Hopefully, NASA will continue their social media outreach program for bloggers like me. I went to one of these launches as NASA's guest a little over a year ago, and I'd definitely like to do it again some day.

Until then, I'll keep doing laundry and cleaning up poop. I learned a long time ago that life isn't always exciting. There are ups and downs punctuated by long periods where nothing happens at all. I'd like to think that taking care of Dot is as important as anything else I've done, but it does test my patience at times. I haven't seen any rocket launches lately, but I've learned to appreciate little things like a good night's sleep and looking forward to chicken and waffles.

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