Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 2306

The garbage truck didn't pick up my trash this morning. My can was lined up on the street, just like all the other cans, but the truck drove right by and ignored it. I saw this in the distance as we were returning from our walk with Dot and Dash, but there was nothing I could do. As we got closer, I saw the recycle truck approach and asked the guys if they could take my trash. They said it wasn't in a blue recycle can, so they couldn't help me. "But it's all nicely bagged," I said, holding up one of the black trash bags as they drove away. You can't argue with garbageman. Damn. Now there isn't going to be enough room for next week's trash. Janet told me that I have a serious case of OCD if I was fretting about the trash can, but that's how I roll.

I don't think I'd make a good food critic. My breakfast was delicious at the new restaurant this morning, but all I could think about were the people sitting next to me. I felt out of place. Everyone was nicely dressed and there were way too many children. Even well behaved children are too noisy for me. One of the features of this place was a series of large roll-up doors that could be opened to let the outside in. They decided the weather was nice enough to open all the doors about halfway through my meal and immediately I felt too cold. It didn't seem to bother anybody else and many customers chose to sit outside on the patio. I'm sure I'll go back again, but the restaurant felt a bit too upscale for me. I felt more comfortable in the little hole in the wall place I ate last Friday with all the hipster beards.

It was cloudy all day, so I didn't get a chance to see Mercury right next to the moon after sunset. I did watch the live feed of the Space X Dragon launch though and was amazed to see the first stage booster rocket successfully land on a barge in the Atlantic Ocean after lofting its cargo into orbit. The barge wasn't much bigger than the rocket. I was very impressed. If I were younger, I'd love to work for Space X. These guys are amazing. I'm certainly no rocket scientist, but I'm sure they have a graphics department. If anyone can get us to Mars, it is probably Elon Musk.

Work was slow all day and then I got an assignment right at the end of the day when I was getting ready to shut down the computer. This happens frequently now. My work isn't a priority anymore. People forget about me until the end of the day, when they want to go home. I could probably wait until Monday to start this assignment, but my work ethic and compulsive nature will probably force me to do the job tomorrow morning.

Dot is completely unpredictable. After yesterday's series of disasters, I wasn't expecting much today. When I went out to mow the grass, I was sure there would be a smelly mess when I returned. Ditto for when I went to pick up take-out burgers for dinner. So far, it's been clear sailing all the way. Knock on wood, but maybe I'll even get a good night sleep tonight.

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