Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day 2369

Today felt a bit strange. I actually had some work to do for a change. I stayed busy most of the day updating websites and writing a new article. For the first time this week there were no accidents in the house. I successfully got Dot up and outside before she peed on the floor. It was also fortunate that the phone company was laying fiber optic cable in the alley behind our house. When I took Dot outside, she would start barking excitedly at the workmen and it would cause her to poop. I don't get lucky every day, but today everything fell into place.

I've been wondering why my morning fruit smoothies tasted a little funny this week. Today I discovered why. The milk I'd been using had gone bad. I do better when Janet screens my food. Sometimes I never notice that something has spoiled or gone past it's expiration date until it's too late. My sense of smell leaves something to be desired. This can be a good thing when I'll sleeping next to Dash, but I've eaten more than my share of spoiled food because I couldn't smell that it had gone bad.

I'm curious why the phone company is laying fiber optic cable all over the neighborhood. I've talked to a few people, but nobody seems to know anything. Most of my neighbors are just mad that the cable installation crews have torn up their front yards. You'd think that if service was going to improve, AT&T would have sent out a flyer telling people what was coming their way. I talk to AT&T tech support frequently because my U-verse service is so bad, but they know nothing. Even the guys actually  laying the cable know nothing. "You'll have to talk to my boss," they tell me. 

I've been getting up earlier than usual to feed the dogs and give them their morning meds before the dog walker arrives. I was hoping that this might turn me into a morning person, but I don't think it's going to happen. I'm certain I'll revert to my old ways the minute Janet returns. The dogs schedule actually hasn't changed much. Janet always gets up early and the dogs follow her out to the kitchen, expecting to be fed. I sleep in a little longer until it's time for our morning walk. I justify this extra shut-eye because I'm usually the one up in the middle of the night cleaning up dog poop. Truthfully, nobody gets enough sleep at our house.

While I was walking Dash this afternoon, I watched a squirrel carry a huge Horse Apple up a tree and proceed to eat the whole thing. This fruit from the bodark tree is considered inedible and is often used to repel cockroaches and other insects. Inexplicably, squirrels love the taste of these things, which explains why once a Horse Aple falls to the ground, it doesn't seem to stay there very long.

I had to turn on the sprinklers today. It's amazing that after several weeks of continuous rain, all it took was a few days of hot, sunny weather to dry things out. I'm not looking forward to July. This month's water bill was surprisingly low, but I'm not going to want to even open next month's bill. I think Summer has finally arrived.

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