Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 2370

I went to the airport and picked up Janet after breakfast this morning. I'm really glad her plane arrived at DFW airport, because at exactly the same time that I was waiting for her at the American Airlines baggage claim, there was a shooting right outside the baggage claim at Love Field. If we had been at that airport instead, we would have been stuck there the rest of the day. They shut down the entire airport because they thought that people might have got on on planes without going through security during the confusion that occurred right after the shooting. Everyone had to get off their plane and go through security all over again. Access to and from the airport was shut down and people on the airport access roads at that time were stuck in their cars for hours. It was a huge mess.

The dogs said goodby to the dog walker this morning after a final early morning walk. It was nice to know that if I need help again, there is someone out there I can trust. There were certain aspects to caring for Dot on my own that were more difficult than I anticipated, but continuing to give the dogs their regular morning and evening walks wasn't one of them. The dog walker always arrived right on time, was very patient with Dot, and most importantly, both dogs liked her. Having something new and different to anticipate each morning seemed good for them. Hopefully, they will continue to walk with the same enthusiasm when we resume our regular schedule tomorrow morning.

It didn't really seem like a work day, since I spent half my day going to and from the airport. I finished several small website updates after lunch, but there was nothing major on the agenda. Since Janet was home with the dogs and work was slow, I decided to get a head start on my Saturday errands. You'd think that mid-afternoon on a workday would be a good time to do grocery shopping, but what do I know. The store was relatively empty, but there were only two check out aisles open and I ended up waiting in line longer than I usually do on a busy weekend. I couldn't use the automated check out aisles today because I bought some beer. They still check your ID every time you buy alcohol even if it's obvious that you're an old man who hasn't hasn't made an underage purchase in over fifty years. There is no common sense to rules and regulations anymore. Eighty year old grandmothers are forced to take their shoes of at the airport and old men are still carded when they buy beer. In the mean time, there are still shootings at airports and nothing is really any safer.

Even though I had just returned from the store, neither of us felt like cooking, so I went out again and picked up some take-out for dinner. On the way, I encountered a huge four car pile up just a few miles from my house. There were fire trucks, ambulances, and a big traffic jam. It probably would have been easier to cook something for dinner. If I learned anything today it was that when people come to me, like the dog walker and the FedEx man, it is generally a good experience. On the other hand, when I venture out into the world, not so much. If anyone ever perfects online grocery shopping with free home delivery, I may never leave the house again.

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