Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 2371

After spending a week following a schedule with almost military precision, it seemed weird to have a day with almost nothing to do. I got up late, because there weren't multiple alarm clocks telling me to get up at 6 AM. After giving the dogs a morning walk, Janet and I went out to breakfast, which is something we rarely have time for. After a leisurely breakfast, there was still nothing to do, so I remembered an e-mail I'd gotten about a big sale at the REI store and went to check it out.

The sale was too weird for me. They were selling returned merchandise that looked visibly used to me. All this stuff was displayed in a roped off area outside the store and they were handing out tickets to get in. There were tons of people standing in a long line, waiting to have an opportunity to buy used shoes and scratched up kayaks. I wasn't about to get a ticket and wait in line for two hours to buy a pair of used shoes, so I left. About an hour after I left, it started to rain really hard. I wouldn't have wanted to be one of those people who had waited in line for hours.

The dogs were edgy and nervous all afternoon because there were thunderstorms in the area. The storms were small and localized, but they were enough to trigger some serious storm phobia. I stayed home to make sure that Dot's barking didn't turn into a panic attack. Eventually the rain moved Eastward and normalcy returned. When it quit raining, we all took a nap. It seemed like the appropriate things to do on a day like this.

I was going to treat the yard for mosquitoes this morning, but I'm glad I waited. It would have been a wasted effort, because the rain would have washed all the repellent away. The yard needs to stay dry for about twelve hours after I apply the mosquito repellent using a garden hose attachment. I guess I could have done this last week, but I thought the yard seemed too dry last week and decided to water it. The mosquito repellent is organic and won't hurt the dogs, but it's hard to find the right time to apply the stuff. Eventually I'm going to have to spray the yard though, because I'm getting sick of getting bitten.

I got an e-mail telling me that the domain transfer process was complete and my domains had been successfully moved to a new registrar. Why this process took four days, I'll never know. I set the domains up to auto renew when they expire, so hopefully I won't have to think about them again for a long time.

I always see new flowers right after a rain. This evening I saw something that looks kind of like a Thistle and kind of like a Blazing Star. I'm not sure what they are, but I see a small patch of these purple flowers every year in exactly the same spot about the second week in June. I wish everything were this predictable.

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