Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 2373

Automatic payments are a mixed blessing. They save on postage and you don't have to worry about forgetting to pay a bill. On the other hand, if you don't check your balance frequently, you can end up with a lot less money in your account than you thought you had. I was under the impression that my health insurance bills would go up in June. Nope. They actually went up in January. I should have noticed this earlier, but I didn't. My bad. It took me hours this afternoon to straighten out my bank balance.

I also sent out my June invoices today. There is still more money going out than coming in each month, which is probably why I don't check my balance as much anymore. It's too depressing. Eventually, I corrected my statement, got everything in balance again, and took the small stack of invoices to the post office. Things may change, but I suspect that this slow downward spiral will continue.

The wet weather is certainly continuing. There were sporadic thunderstorms throughout the day which meant I couldn't count on the dogs sleeping peacefully while I worked. Since Dot is almost deaf, she only gets upset when she sees the lightning. I try to make sure she doesn't take her naps near a window, but it doesn't always work. She knows something is wrong when Dash gets upset and Dash still hears everything. It was a long day.

When it rains, my boots get muddy and it takes me a while to clean them off on the porch before I go inside. I also have to clean the dogs paws before I let them inside. For the past week or so, I've gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes while I'm doing this. They say the Zika mosquitoes are already in Texas, but I hope they haven't arrived in my back yard yet. There is no avoiding getting bitten. The ironic thing is that I can't apply the mosquito retardant spray until the yard is dry, but when the yard is dry there isn't a mosquito problem. Catch-22.

I had some work to do today, but it's getting to where the website updates I make don't seem much different than doing a load of laundry. It's all just tedious and mechanical. Maybe if it was sunny outside, I'd feel differently. I'd like to be excited about something again, but right now I'll settle for a good night's sleep. I really wonder how long this rain is going to last. I thought last year's wet Spring set some kind of record, but this year is even worse.

We'll see if the sun comes out tomorrow. I have a feeling that the day will go a lot smoother if it does.

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