Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 2393

I forget things. I watered the Wax Myrtle tree in the front yard, but left the hose running for hours because I'd forgotten about it. Later, I did the same thing with the sprinkler in the back yard. I renewed a prescription by phone, but forgot to go pick it up. I remembered to wash the sheets on the bed, but forgot to throw them in the dryer after they were clean. I can spend entire days this way. I'm continually looking for my reading glasses or the dog's leashes. I don't think I forgot anything important today, because there wasn't much important going on. Maybe it's bad to be so absent minded, but I've gotten used to it. I've been this way for most of my life.

We should have gotten up earlier this morning, because by the time we got the dogs ready for their morning walk, it was already too hot. I'm not sure that getting up early even helps anymore. Occasionally, I have to take one of the dogs outside in the middle of the night and it's still warm at 3 AM. At least there was a breeze this morning. A breeze always helps.

Usually, I don't go to the gym on Sunday until mid-afternoon, but today I went right after breakfast. Working out seemed preferable to wandering aimlessly around the house forgetting things. Even though my workout seldom varies, I must make more of an effort on some days than others. It's interesting that although I always spend the same amount of time using the machines, I don't always burn the same amount of calories. Today, I must have been slacking off. My twenty minutes on the treadmill didn't burn many calories at all.

Maybe I was slow today because I'd just finished breakfast. We always have a hearty, old-fashioned breakfast on Sunday's. Today's meal consisted of fried eggs, Southern biscuits, and lots of bacon. I like to make an egg sandwich with my biscuits. By the time I've carefully place my egg in the center of the biscuit, added stacked strips of bacon on top of it, and topped everything off with Pico de Gallo, Janet has usually finished her entire meal.

I've started to see Passionflowers blooming on our morning walks. These exotic looking flowers look like they belong in a tropical rain forest, but they are actually quite common in the South. I think they are the state flower of Tennessee. I only see these oddly beautiful things a few times a year. They bloom in the Summer, but they don't seem to like the heat. I only see Passionflowers very early in the morning, usually after a heavy rain. Supposedly, Spanish Christian missionaries thought this plant represented the last days of Jesus and the crucifixion. I guess some people might see a crown of thorns, but it looks more like a jellyfish to me. I bet the flowers I saw today are gone tomorrow. They don't last long.

I'm already starting to hear fireworks off in the distance. Although fireworks are illegal in the city, lots of people shoot them off in the park at night anyway. The noise used to really bother Dot, but she's so deaf by now that she doesn't hear a thing. A few people are flying flags on our street. A lot more are having barbecues.

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