Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 2400

I like big, round numbers like 2400. I'm only 100 days away from the halfway point of this journey. I wonder if I'll be able to continue this peculiar marathon for 5000 consecutive days? Will I run out of things to say, or have I already run out of things to say. It's often hard to tell the difference. When you spend year after year ending each day with a 500 word recap, you start to realize that life consists of a relatively small number of recurring themes. There are so many thing that all of us do over and over again. I'd still like to think that this somewhat monotonous journey is a grand adventure. There has to be some small justification for the thousands of hours I've spent telling this tale. I hope I don't wake up one morning thinking that this has all been a monumental waste of time. I'd really like to make it to Day 5000.

I've learned some valuable things about life along the way, but I definitely don't learn something every day. Some days I just try to chart a course that takes me from waking up to drifting off to sleep again. Today, I thought I'd clean the house before I went to the gym. One reason the house is so dirty is that when I wait until I return from the gym, I'm too tired to do anything else. I vacuumed, did the laundry, and returned the rugs that had been drying in the back yard to their original places. I finished my chores and arrived at the gym a few hours later than usual. I was surprised at how crowded the place was.  Could a few hours really make this much difference?

Dot seemed a bit tired today. Janet thought we should just let her rest, but I thought she still needed a little bit of exercise. I felt a bit guilty when she immediately went back to her bed looking exhausted and went to sleep as soon as we returned. Maybe she did need to rest today. I really try not to push her too hard, but I know that physical therapy is not a part time activity. You have to be relentless with physical therapy in order to make any progress. Later in the day, Dot bounced back and I felt a little better. It's still hard to know where to draw the line however. If Dot seems to want to walk, we walk; even if it takes us forever to go around the block.

I think desire is everything and I want to encourage Dot to maintain her desire to live. We must be doing something right, because if she makes it through the summer, we will be sharing our lives with a 17 year old Dalmatian. There aren't many 17 year old Dalmatians. In many ways, the journey Dot has already made is much more remarkable than my own quest to create a 5000 day journal.

In addition to my household chores and workout routines, I updated some websites this afternoon. Working on weekends is commonplace now, mostly because my clients seem to have more important things to do during the week. Websites aren't as much of a priority now. Everybody still has one, but they often don't spend much time thinking about it. I guess getting my assignments on Friday afternoon is still a lot better than not getting them at all.

I continue to do my assignments immediately, as if they were rush jobs, because I don't want to acknowledge how irrelevant I've become. I continue to post a blog entry every single day, because I'm afraid that if I skip even a single day, I'll conclude that the whole experiment was a silly pursuit and just quit. I continue to walk Dot each and every day, because I realize how quickly one can become an invalid. I never give up, but there are times when I would like to.

Good grief. Dot just pooped in her bed again and it looks like she's about to eat it. Gotta go.

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