Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 2436

It felt like Fall today. Overcast skies and a slow, steady rain kept temperatures in the low 70's. I'm not typically a fan of dampness and drizzle, but the change of pace from our typical August heat was kind of nice. Dot seemed to enjoy the cooler temperatures, but Dash was having nothing to do with the rain. I couldn't even get him to go outside this morning.

A writing assignment gave me the perfect excuse to stay around the house all day. I'd write for a while and then take the dogs to the back door so they could see if the rain had stopped. Dot still seems to have more energy than she did last week. She kept me busy during the day, barking when she needed help to get up and check on things. I continue to see this restless behavior as a good thing. At least it's better than lying listless in her bed all day.

I had to wash some rubber backed rugs that Dot made a mess on yesterday. I need to make a mental note to never buy rubber backed rugs again. The rubber flakes off in the dryer and makes a huge mess, even when you dry the rugs on the lowest heat setting. I guess I could have taken the rugs outside and let them air dry, but it was a damp, rainy day and it would have taken forever. I needed them back on the floor again. Eventually, the little flecks of stray rubber backing will find their way to the dryer filter, but they'll probably attach themselves to the next load of towels first.

It took longer than it should have to finish my article, mostly because Dot and Dash were being needy and demanding. Dash was frustrated because he didn't want to walk in the rain and Dot was frustrated because she couldn't do much of anything. Eventually, the rain subsided to a light mist and I was able to take Dash for a long walk while Dot slept. There have been more peaceful days, but it really wasn't all that bad. Cooler temperatures and a self-imposed deadline to meet were all I needed to keep my glass half full today.

I think my good mood had more to do with getting a decent night's sleep than anything else. Dot had one of those rare nights when she slept through the night without pooping. It makes a big difference. We all woke somewhat refreshed, hoping that Dot would stay on schedule for another eight hours.

I completely missed the Perseid meteor shower this year. The pictures I kept seeing on Google looked spectacular, but it wasn't meant to be in Dallas. Our skies were overcast on Thursday and Friday, and even during clear weather, there is so much light pollution in the city that seeing something as faint as a meteor trail is almost impossible. Maybe someday I'll live in a place with clear, dark skies. I don't think I've seen the Milky Way in decades.

Who knows what I'll see tomorrow. The flowers are gradually being replaced by seed pods as Fall approaches. Pretty soon the first leaves will start to turn. Sometimes it is simply amazing how quickly a year goes by.

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