Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 2437

I had to make some changes to one of the first mobile sites I designed last year and somewhat to my chagrin, I realized that I'd forgotten how to build these things. This happens a lot these days. It doesn't matter whether you're playing guitar or writing a novel, you have to keep your hand in the game if you want to keep your chops up. I'm not as good of a video editor as I used to be, because I don't spend much time editing anymore. I used to be more technically proficient as a photographer too. You really need to do something every single day if you expect to get good at it. It's a shame that I'm already forgetting how to create mobile websites, because I worked so hard to learn this skill. There wasn't as much demand as I'd hoped though. I'm getting a little rusty.

It took me an hour or so to figure out what I was doing and make the necessary changes. If somebody asks me to do the same thing tomorrow, I'm good. Getting rusty is just a fact of life as you get older. It's hard to stay on the cutting edge, since styles and technologies change so quickly. I don't think my writing has deteriorated as much as some of my other skills, but that's only because I still write everyday. It would probably take me a little longer to write an annual report for an oil and gas producer though. I haven't done one of those in over five years.

If practice makes perfect, I'm probably a world class poop collector. Cleaning up dog poop is definitely something I do everyday. As Dot's incontinence has gotten worse, I've discovered all sorts of little tricks to speed up the cleanup process and minimize any damage. When Dot poops in her sleep, I'm often able to get her cleaned up without even waking her up. These are not skills you'd put on a resume though. These are not even skills you'd brag about in public. People just don't want to hear about dog poop.

It remained cool and overcast today. I almost felt like I needed a light jacket on our morning walk. I'm not going to be lulled into thinking that Fall has arrived early though. I know better. September is often even hotter than August and I'm sure we've still got quite a few triple digit days ahead of us. For the moment, I'm just enjoying my good fortune. Cooler weather definitely makes a difference with Dot. She has more energy and a lot more interest in getting outdoors and moving around a bit.

We've got another physical therapy session tomorrow. I hope Dot does as well as she did last week. I'd love to see her get strong enough so that she could walk around the house without my assistance. I think it frustrates her that I'm always following her around, holding up her rear end with the harness. We'll see how it goes.

If I can find the time tomorrow, I'm going to pick up something for dinner at the new Vegan take out place in the neighborhood. The continually rotating menu seems interesting, and I'd love to see if I can wean myself away from meat. I think I could be a vegetarian if the food was spicy enough. Maybe there will be a nice curry I can take home and reheat in the microwave. If not, I'm sure there's still a few hot dogs in the refrigerator.

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