Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 2445

Two vet visits down. One to go. Remind me to never schedule three vet visits in a single week again. Dot takes so long to get ready and no matter what I do, she usually poops in the car anyway. I spend a lot more time waiting in lobbies than I did several years ago. Traffic is much worse as well. If these excursions are my window into a larger world, the world isn't working as well as it should. All the people I deal with are very nice, but most of them seem just as tired as I am. How can so many people seem so burned out? It just shouldn't be this way.

I wasn't expecting Dot to do as well as she did today, because she seemed stressed out in the car. Her acupuncture session relaxed her and she did much better in the water than she did last week. The technician who helps with Dot's water therapy collects watches like I do and we talked about collecting today while Dot walked. Oddly, this seemed to help her walk more naturally. Maybe she doesn't like people staring at her the entire time and making comments about her performance. At any rate, she seemed sure footed and walked very well today, even though we weren't paying quite as much attention to her.

I think the reason I like to go out for breakfast on Friday's is that it gives me a chance to eat in peace. Breakfast is seldom peaceful the rest of the week. I keep Dot in a small pen near the breakfast table so I can keep an eye on her while I eat. Dash is hovering nearby, waiting for me to feed him the banana I've sliced up for him. Dot gets some banana too, but she is much better behaved about her treat. If I don't feed Dash a small slice of banana about every twenty seconds, he starts to bark. When Dash starts barking, it often gets Dot excited, which can cause her to poop. Today part of her pen was siting over an air conditioner floor vent and of course that's exactly where she pooped. I had to put my breakfast in the refrigerator and clean the vent out immediately before the AC system spread the smell all over the house. Never a dull moment.

I need to figure out how to get rid of some of the stuff in my storage warehouse. The storage space is huge and is getting more expensive every year. The space used to be extremely well organized, but now I'm not even sure what I'm storing. It's a mess. I usually don't even think about the place anymore until the rent comes due for another year, which coincidentally happens next week. Whenever I renew, I think "this is the year I"m going to get this thing under control," but it never happens. If I just sold one thing on eBay every week, I could probably make a good little supplemental income. The problem with selling things though is that you've got to deal with buyers. I can't stand dealing with buyers. I bet I'll be having this same discussion next year as the dust grows thicker in the storage space.

I had another vegetarian dinner tonight. I think I could do this. The meal was delicious. The weak link in this chain is that I'm not making these meals myself. Some very good cooks at the vegan store are making the meals for me. All I have to do is heat them up in the microwave. The trouble with vegetables is that they spoil quickly and when you're cooking for one, it's hard to keep enough variety on hand to keep things interesting. This store has the right idea. They can buy lots of fresh vegetables, use them to create delicious meals, and then then change the entire menu every week, so people like me don't get bored. The only problem is that it could get pretty expensive to eat this way permanently. I don't see how a place like this could stay in business if they charged less though. Vegan take out is not a high volume business in Dallas. I hope this idea makes it. Places I like usually go out of business quickly.

There is absolutely nothing on the agenda for tomorrow. I hope it stays that way. Today was kind of hectic.

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