Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 2465

Taking care of Dot has given me a new appreciation for the problems that Moms with young children face. You really don't have much time to yourself. Whenever I'm trying to concentrate on a work problem, or relax over breakfast or dinner, one of the dogs seems to need something. Dot is not shy about barking when she wants attention. When she wakes up and starts barking, it often means that she needs me to help her up so she can go outside and pee. I never ignore her. You just don't ignore an incontinent dog. Dash has learned that barking seems to get my attention, so he's started barking whenever he wants something too. Often, Dash doesn't even know what he wants, but he has a very loud bark. Day after day of dealing with this chaos have taken its toll. I may still look normal, but I'm pretty burned out.

In between today's barking episodes I managed to get the damaged areas on the roof marked for the roofers. Doing this was discouraging because I know that when one area is patched, another area somewhere else is going to start delaminating and peeling away. I don't think this roof will ever be repaired properly, because what I really need is a whole new roof.

I picked up the prescription that was on back order yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the price hadn't gone up. About this time every year, my prescription drug coverage goes into what is commonly called the "doughnut hole" and the price goes way up until the end of the year. Why the government does this is a mystery to me. Why drug prices are so high in the first place is an even bigger mystery.

Dot's vet called to go over her blood test results this afternoon and they were better than I expected. For a very old dog, her lab results were remarkably normal. Her liver and kidneys still function fine. One of her liver enzymes is slightly elevated and her potassium levels are a bit high, but there was nothing to be alarmed about. I bet her potassium levels are a bit high because of the banana she and Dash get when I eat my breakfast. Dot's cholesterol levels are better than mine. On Friday, we go back to the cancer center for some more tests. I still wish that my own doctors were as thorough as Dot and Dash's vets.

I had another vegetarian meal from the vegan take out place for dinner. This meal was kind of a curry dish and it was delicious. When I eat these meals, I don't miss the absence of meat at all. In theory, I could easily become a vegetarian. Everything I've tried has been really good. The only problem is that I don't think I could cook this stuff by myself. The seasonings seem complex and it would be a pain to buy the vegetables and other ingredients in small quantities. I like the idea of a fresh, tasty meal that I can microwave in three minutes. Like everything else I like, this clever idea is way too expensive. Janet likes meat too. That could be a problem.

I got my September invoices in the mail today. That didn't take long. I really need more clients and more jobs. Maybe another writing assignment will come in tomorrow. I'm not going to worry about it. I probably wouldn't have time to write anything anyway since Wednesdays are Dot's physical therapy day. Will Dot poop in the car tomorrow? Will I get any sleep tonight? Life has become pretty basic.

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