Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 2466

This was one of those days where I wondered whether I did the right thing by taking Dot to physical therapy. She was tired this morning and seemed very slow when we took our morning walk around the block. She rested well for the remainder of the morning, so I thought she'd be OK at her therapy session. Unfortunately, Dot seemed even slower when she got into the underwater treadmill. The water kept her buoyant, so she didn't fall down, but you could tell her legs were tired. She's resting again now. We couldn't have taken an evening walk even if she wanted to. It started raining while I was eating dinner and curtailed any plans to go outside again.

Maybe Dot was tired this morning because she didn't sleep well. When Dot doesn't sleep well, I don't sleep well either. The slightest noise wakes me up and Dot woke me up three times last night. It probably would have been a better plan if we both just took a long nap today.

I was really hoping that the roofers would come out and take a look at things before it started raining again, but that didn't happen. The roofers can't make repairs until the roof is really dry, so I'm probably out of luck for a while. If memory serves me, the Fall rainy season starts in late October, so hopefully I can get my problems resolved before then.

It's really difficult for me to get anything accomplished anymore. Dot is restless, but can't move around on her own. I'm constantly moving her around from room to room or taking her outdoors. Dash has gotten moody and refuses to walk early in the morning lately. He prefers to walk about 10 AM after I've finished my breakfast. That's fine, but it takes more time. Today, when I finished with the dogs lengthy morning routine, it was time to start getting Dot ready for her trip downtown for physical therapy. When we returned, I needed to go to a different vet to pick up some pills for Dot. Then it was time to take Dash for his evening walk and eat dinner. That was my entire day.

I installed the correct ink cartridges in my printer today and of course since the printer had been idle for so long, it was clogged. I don't know how much of my new expensive ink I used up getting the printer unclogged again but it was quite a bit. I think Epson makes this ink clog on purpose. These printers are just a way to sell ink. Keeping all these cranky machines working makes me feel a bit like Sisyphus pushing the stone up the hill. There are multiple battery chargers in the office, keeping batteries charged for cameras I haven't used in years. I hear the soft whir of several watch winders behind my desk, keeping half a dozen mechanical watches wound and ready to go, even though I never wear them anymore. It's all kind of pointless.

When Dot was having her acupuncture today, the vet and I talked about how the world was spinning out of control and that it would be nice if we could turn back the clock ten or fifteen years. Personally, I'd rather turn back the clock 100 years. So many things have changed. Privacy has become an antiquated concept. If you think anything is private anymore, you are being very foolish. I think the next thing to fall by the wayside is the notion of truth. Truth is becoming antiquated as well. There is no objective truth anymore. There are just competing narratives. When writers and reporters talk about how the narrative has changed on the news, it as if we are just living inside a story or a movie. Maybe we are.

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