Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 2506

I picked up the watch I took in for repairs last week and exactly fifteen minutes after I returned home, the broken link they allegedly fixed fell apart again. I should have known that this would be an exercise in frustration. I'm pretty good at fixing things like this and when I realized that a repair was impossible, I should have known that it would be impossible for others as well. I wish the repair guy had just told me the obvious. The weird flexible rubber joints that held the metal band together were forty years old and the rubber was crumbling. Glue just wasn't going to work. Later in the day, Janet asked me why I didn't just remove the defective link and make the band smaller. Duh. I never thought of that and apparently neither did the watch repairman.

I've been tired all day. I had a major cleanup in the middle of the night when Dot had a dog dream right after she pooped in her bed and ended up kicking the poop across the room. What a mess. By the time I got things cleaned up, I was wide awake and felt like putting on a pot of coffee and starting the day at 3 AM. I knew better though. Every hour of sleep counts. I went back to bed marveling at the fact that Dot never woke up through the entire episode. She was still sleeping peacefully.

Today would have been a perfect day for the roofers to come over, but not surprisingly, they are ignoring me again. As soon as it rains, I'm sure they'll call and tell me how they were planning to come out if only it wasn't so wet. I have a feeling that the roofers and the garbage man are having a beer together somewhere, laughing at how easy it is to pull my chain.

I had so many little errands to do today that it was easy to forget how slow work has been this month. For some reason I thought I could clean out all the gunk that had accumulated in the washing machine's soap drawer. I wasted most of the morning taking the thing apart and was disgusted at all the mold and slime I found. Don't ever buy a front loader washing machine. They're almost as bad as a flat roof on your house. The afternoon was spent picking up prescriptions for Dot, selecting some additional meals at the vegan take out store, going to the bank, and looking for the illusive spot in the back yard where Dash pooped last night. It's almost impossible to clean up the poop in the dark, and equally impossible to remember where it is the next morning.

Dot seemed weak and lethargic today. This surprised me, since she was doing great this weekend. Every day is a new day with Dot. Some days, she'll be able to get up on her own and wander around the house. Other days she can barely move. I'm used to a world with distinct causes and corresponding effects. Aging isn't like this at all. The weird blend of physical and mental deterioration can totally surprise you at times. Hopefully, Dot will bounce back a bit tomorrow. She certainly got plenty of rest today.

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