Saturday, November 5, 2016

Day 2518

It's been a long day. Dash had an upset stomach last night and kept us up half the night taking him outside. Janet took him out once, and I took him out two more times later. Dash doesn't do his business quickly when he has an upset stomach. He races around the yard like a maniac for up to thirty minutes at a time. You can't just leave him out on his own, because he'll probably find another dead bird, or whatever made him sick in the first place. There are a lot of feral cats in the neighborhood and they're always dragging disgusting things in the yard. There was a light rain last night, but even that didn't speed up Dash's weird ritual. After several tries Dash finally pooped and we were able to get back to bed. While I was locking up the house, Dash stole my place in the bed. It was that kind of night.

By the time morning arrived, everyone was already tired. We tried to sleep in late, but that didn't help much. Dot, who slept through all the commotion, started barking for her breakfast and we all had to get up. Our morning walk was late. Breakfast was late. I didn't feel like doing weekend chores at all. By the time I finally got organized to go to the grocery store, I figured that I'd given Dot plenty of time to poop. I took her outside three times and walked her around patiently. She did nothing. Not surprisingly, when I returned from the store, she had made a mess in her bed and eaten most of it.

I think I've finally figured out this election. Nobody really likes either candidate. They are just avatars representing the globalists and the nationalists. The globalists would like to see a world where borders have become irrelevant and people just consider themselves citizens of the world. The nationalists feel like national identity is more important and that open borders will be the end of civilization as we know it. This isn't just a battle between Democrats and Republicans. It is going on all over the world. Europe is being torn apart by this clash of ideas. To me, it is ironic that the people who see the world as a big blue marble populated by citizens of the earth have not really brought people together with their desire for open borders. Instead, they have caused a resurgence of tribalism. We now live in a country where people show more loyalty to the tribe they identify with than to the country as a whole. The desire for a diverse society is actually creating the opposite. Real diversity occurs when lots of of very different countries are independently pursuing their own agendas. This is what makes politics confusing. Nobody really says what they mean. Personally, I think nationalism makes more sense than globalism. Lots of little countries without much power is a lot safer, and ultimately more creative and productive than a world government with infinite power to impose it's uniformity on all of us. Maybe the world that globalists like George Soros envision is what you really want. Not me. A world without borders is an Orwellian nightmare I'd like to avoid.

What I'd really like to avoid tonight is a repeat of last night. Dot has already had her final pooping disaster for the day. We've just finished cleaning her off with the hose and replaced all her bedding.  I think she's good for the night. I'm not so sure about Dash. He hasn't done anything since noon. It might be a long night.

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