Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 2519

Dogs don't really understand Daylight Saving Time. The time changed last night, but Dot and Dash were still following their old schedule. It was so overcast this morning that we didn't notice that it was getting light any earlier. Since neither of the dogs like to get up until they see daylight, we were all able to get a little extra sleep. Last night was unusually peaceful. Dash was calm and slept soundly throughout the night, and Dot didn't poop in her sleep. It was nice to have some peace and quiet for a change.

I was actually able to get to the gym before noon today. I think the time change helped with that. I was surprised that there were only three basketballs left. What happened to the other five? My favorite basketball that I had used since I joined the gym was gone. I obsess over inconsequential things like this. If anything at all changes, it throws me off my stride. I spent the rest of my workout wondering where the basketballs were and why everything always has to change.

Maybe I was a dog in a former life. The dogs aren't fond of changes either. They certainly aren't fond of time changes. This afternoon, they were ready for their dinner before I even finished vacuuming. I made them wait as long as I could, but they eventually got their way. We ate a little early today.
I'm glad the roofers came when they did. It rained again today and according to the long range forecast, it is going to continue raining for most of next week.

Cleaning the house on a rainy day is a thankless task. Dash started tracking in a new batch of leaves and dirt before I even finished cleaning the rugs. I changed the sheets, washed all the towels, and vacuumed the house, but nothing stays clean for very long. Dot had the usual array of accidents, but at least she was well positioned under a disposable pad when she pooped today. Cleanup was easy this time, which somehow made the grey, rainy day a little more bearable.

I wonder why the FBI director even bothered to re-open the case against Hillary if he was just going  to close it again? It hardly seems worth the trouble. He must have had a good idea what was in the e-mails before he wrote that initial letter to congress. Why would he do something so controversial if he didn't have any evidence? I bet there will be plenty of new conspiracy theories tomorrow morning. Maybe this is all legit, but something sure seems fishy to me. I still think the fix was in a long time ago.

The furnace came on this morning. Lots of trees are starting to turn in the park. Now that the time has changed, it's going to seem a lot more like Winter. I hope we have a mild Winter. I've got plenty of warm Winter coats, but I don't want to deal with snow and ice. It's hard enough keeping Dot moving on a nice day.

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