Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 2524 - Veteran's Day

I convinced the guys at the hipster restaurant to make me something that wasn't on the menu this morning. This was a small but significant success. If you can't find your world, you've just got to create it. I doubt that I could ever convince the owners to start using real china and silverware, but they probably wouldn't mind if I started bringing my own plate. I like this place. The food is simple, but delicious. The customers aren't irritating. And the coffee is strong. I'm definitely not a hipster myself, but I feel comfortable here.

It's nice to get away now and then. The isolation of my daily life and the dogs changing needs are slowly driving me crazy. Dalmatians are active, energetic dogs. Dot and Dash used to be much calmer when I was able to walk them five or six miles a day. Dot can barely make it around the block now, and Dash is so timid that he doesn't like to walk at all without Dot at his side. Now, Dash stands next to the refrigerator and barks incessantly at the treats we keep hidden on the top. Dot drinks water when she's stressed, but her muscles don't work well anymore, so she takes tiny, tiny little sips. I can stand holding her up at her water bowl for ten of fifteen minutes at a time. I hate to pull her away because I don't want her to get dehydrated. I sure wish she could drink faster though. Everything I do these days is an exercise in patience.

When I went to refill Dash's thyroid medication, they told me that he needs another blood test before the prescription can be renewed. I thought we just did this, but when I looked at my records it turned out that the last test was to check on the effectiveness of his phenobarbital. Now we've got to do the same thing for his Levothyroxine. Fasting Dash for these tests is a major hassle, because this is a dog that lives to eat. Ironically, I'm having exactly the same problems with my own medications. I recently had to make an appointment for more tests before my own doctor would renew my prescriptions. Most of these pills I've been taking for decades and the dosage has never changed. I don't know why my doctor couldn't just write me a prescription that would last forever.

I have never seen so many opinionated people on my Facebook feed. People who normally just post pictures of cute cats are determined to convince their friends that Trump is either going to be great, or that he represents the end of the world as we know it. I see an almost equal number of opinions from either side of the fence. Nobody is really going to change anybody's mind. Most people are just preaching to the choir because of the way Facebook filters your feed. You just see what Facebook thinks you want to see. I don't think this is a good thing. The personalization made possible by technology just creates little echo chambers where friends can reinforce their preconceptions. I don't see much of a desire to actually understand the other side. 

My trash got picked up again today. This makes four weeks in a row. Maybe the government is listening to me after all. Hey, the sky was blue this morning. I had a good breakfast and Dot's condition seems stable for the moment. On this Veteran's Day, I don't think the world is going to end at all.

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