Thursday, January 26, 2017

Day 2600

I like round numbers like 2600. These even numbered days seem like mile markers that delineate a very long road. I'd like to think that sometime in the distant future, this odd journal might prove valuable to someone. It probably won't, but you never know. There couldn't be that many people doing this sort of thing. Maybe we'll learn what happens to hopes and dreams as we age. Maybe we'll just see what happens as my mind slowly turns to mush. I wish I could offer some special insight every hundred days, but this is just another day. In truth, it is a very uneventful day.

The pre-dawn sky was crystal clear this morning when I took Dot outside to pee, so as soon as I got her ready for breakfast and her morning meds, I grabbed my binoculars and went out in the front yard to look for the illusive Mercury again. I was surprised at how bright the planet was without the usual haze along the horizon. It was equally surprising how far the moon moves in a single day. Today, the thin waning crescent was barely viable well to the east of Mercury, just above the horizon. I wish I lived in a place that had clear skies like this all the time. It would probably be more fun to build a little observatory in the back yard than spend my evenings endlessly writing this blog.

I had another website to update today. This one had needed three different versions of each image, so pictures would load quickly on any type of device. Sometimes I wish I'd never learned about mobile websites. Making something mobile aware or mobile ready can definitely slow down what would otherwise be a very simple process. I guess I should have been glad for the complicated update, since I didn't have much else to do this morning. If I was smart, I would have postponed the update and gotten a haircut instead. I used to always get haircuts in the afternoon, but Dot is making afternoons away from home much more difficult.

When Dot wakes up from her long morning nap, she is very restless. This is definitely a new development and I don't know what it means. She wants to stay up for the rest of the day, but tires easily and gets very frustrated. If I leave her alone for any length of time, she often struggles to get up and then gets her nearly useless rear legs twisted in an awkward position. This often causes her to panic if I'm not nearby to help her up. If Dot struggles too much, she inevitably pees or poops on herself. It's a mess. I spend my afternoons holding her up by her harness as we slowly walk around the house or the back yard. All this aimless activity often makes Dash think it's dinner time and he starts barking in the kitchen which doesn't help matters a bit. To ease the boredom and frustration, I've split their dinner into several smaller portions, spread out over a three hour period. It's hard to decide which dog to walk first when the long dinner ritual is finally finished. If I guess wrong, I will be greeted with a pile of poop on the floor when I return with Dash.

I guess I'll try to make an appointment to get my hair cut on Saturday. I don't like going to the mall on weekends, but it's just not going to work being away that long tomorrow afternoon. I have trouble even going to the post office now. At least the dogs still sleep normally in the mornings. I'd hate to have to give up my Friday morning breakfast. On a week like this, I really look forward to going out to eat on Friday morning.

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