Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 2638

My mood kind of matched the sky today. What a dismal, grey, wet day. It must have rained a lot last night, because the yard was soggy. Even if it doesn't rain any more, this will probably delay both the roofers and the tree trimming crew. Both these folks told me in advance that they need dry conditions to work.

The dogs weren't very concerned with dry conditions. As soon as I took them outside to pee this morning, they both tracked mud into the house. It's ironic that I get most of my housecleaning done when there is bad weather. It's pointless. As soon as I finish vacuuming, the house is immediately filled with dirt and wet leaves again.

The weather didn't stop me from cleaning. I'm a creature of habit and usually can't think of anything better to do on a nasty day. It's too bad that I'm burned out on movies. Most people would just watch a movie on a grey, nasty day. I did quiet chores first, since the dogs were sleeping peacefully. I hate to wake them up with the vacuum cleaner. I cleaned windows, I cleaned toilets, I cleaned the mud off my boots. Eventually, the dogs woke up and I fed them lunch. Then I vacuumed.

I kept hoping that the rain would stop before I went to the gym. I'm compulsive enough that I knew that if I drive to the gym in the rain, I would need to wash the car when I got home. The rain continued. The car got dirty. But I did have a good workout. I consider Sunday an exercise day, so all the cleaning is just another form of exercise.

I wore some new shoes to the gym, which was a big mistake. I'll probably have blisters on my feet tomorrow. I must have gotten these shoes on sale. Either that, or I tried the shoes on with very thin socks. They felt too tight, especially when I was on the treadmill. Oh, well. There are shoe sales all the time. Maybe I'll have better luck next time.

I"m becoming fascinated by WiFi enabled medical devices. I guess it all started when I began wearing activity trackers. Then I got a scale that measure my body mass index, bone density, blood pulse wave velocity, and a dozen other things. Now I'm thinking about getting a WiFi enabled blood pressure monitor and a WiFi thermometer. There's even a WiFi smart hairbrush that measures and monitors the condition of your hair as you brush it. I don't have enough hair for one of those things. I'm waiting for a toothbrush that will tell you if you've got a cavity.

The ironic thing is that the more of these gizmos I get, the less likely it will be that I'll go to the doctor. My Dad had the same problem as he got older. He thought he could self diagnose and when he began having trouble swallowing, he started just drinking Ensure instead of eating. It didn't take long for him to become severely malnourished. Hopefully, I'll never get to that point. I have a feeling that these smart monitors will continue to get smarter and eventually they'll just send all the information to my doctor anyway.

It looks like the weather is going to be just as bad tomorrow. I might not get a chance to go stargazing for quite a while.

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