Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 2646

Well, I didn't get started on my taxes after all. The same little things that normally consume my day were still there and by the time I took care of the essentials, the day was gone. Hey, there's always tomorrow. Eventually, everything gets done, but lately it seems to take forever. It must have rained last night, because the ground was wet when we walked the dogs this morning. Both dogs arrived home muddy and it took longer than usual to clean them off. Breakfast took longer as well because I added a peach to my smoothie without decreasing the amount of strawberries and blueberries. I ended up making enough for two people. I guess I could have saved some of my beverage for tomorrow, but I sat and drank the whole thing while feeding the dogs slices of banana. Of course, Dot pooped while I was eating and I had to clean that up.

After I took a shower, I opened my tax folder and prepared to get started.  I thought I'd check my e-mail first and of course there were several small web emergencies that needed attention. By the time I finished the updates, it was time to feed the dogs lunch. When I was working on my projects this morning, I remembered that I hadn't sent out my March invoices yet. I postponed tackling my taxes again because getting the invoices out seemed more important. Hey, I need money to pay the accountant.

By now it was mid-afternoon and the dogs were getting restless. Once they start focusing their attention on dinner, getting anything done is just about impossible. I give Dot a pain pill at 2 PM. At 3 PM they get the first half of their dinner. And at 4:30, they get the rest. Often, I will walk Dot between the first and second dinner segment, but today I took my invoices to the post office instead.

Dot's short walk actually takes longer than Dash's much longer one. I've started sitting in the grass with her at the halfway point. She seems to like that. Usually the walk makes Dot tired enough so that she will rest while I walk Dash. That's the theory anyway. By the time I finished walking Dash this afternoon, it was time to start fixing my own dinner. As usual, I ended the day tired but accomplished almost nothing.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. The tree trimmers are scheduled to arrive early in the morning and the day will be filled with the sound of chain saws. I will need to take Dash outside to pee on a leash so he won't get in the way of a falling limb. The tree trimmers never remember to close the gates, so I will need to be extra careful with the dogs. I'm sure the crew will block the neighbor's driveway with their equipment too. They always do. I didn't even call to confirm tomorrow's appointment, because I kind of hope they don't show up. The trees really do need to be trimmed, but it's always a giant hassle. Oh, well. It's only one day. On Wednesday I can return to cleaning up dog poop and postponing my tax preparation.

Somehow, I don't think I'm going to get caught up this week at all. There are still several web site projects to complete and there is an animal rescue meeting I should really try to attend. Dot has an appointment at the cancer center for another Ultrasound scan later in the week as well. I need to call my accountant and find out how much time I really have to get my tax information together. Maybe I can put that chore off until next week.

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