Friday, April 7, 2017

Day 2661

The waitress was just bringing my breakfast when I decided to check the baby monitor to see how the dogs were doing. I couldn't see Dot, but I could hear her whining and barking. Not good. I immediately asked if they could put my pancakes in a take-out box, paid my bill, and returned home. I could see what happened as soon as I opened the front door. Dot had tried to get up, fallen down again, and gotten one of her rear legs stuck in an awkward position. Dot is not predictable anymore. It used to be safe to leave for breakfast on Fridays because she almost always slept for at least three hours after we returned from our morning walk. She still tires easily, but she's a lot more restless. I never know whats she's going to do anymore.

After I took Dot outside to pee and made sure she was comfortable in her bed again, I returned to my pancakes. The fancy pancakes looked pretty ordinary when I placed them on one of my own plates and put them in the microwave. I could have easily cooked pancakes like these without leaving the house. Oh, well. At least I tried to get out. I brewed some coffee, found some maple syrup in the refrigerator, and got ready for a long day.

It's time to get Dot fitted for a doggie wheel chair. Her rear legs have gotten so weak that she can no longer support her own weight. After breakfast, I called Dot's physical therapy vet to make an appointment to get her fitted for wheels. I thought I might be able to just buy the wheel chair in a size appropriate for her weight and then fine tune the adjustments at home. A nurse told me that it wasn't that easy. If the wheels weren't fitted properly by the vet, Dot could injure herself. Of course, Dot is already injured, but that's another story. Since I can no longer transport Dot by myself, I'm going to have to find a time when both the vet and Janet are available. I want to do this as soon as possible. I waited too long to have Spot, our first Dalmatian, fitted for wheels. He was only able to use them a few times before he passed away.

Dot could barely move her legs when I found her this morning, but her condition improved slowly throughout the day. By this evening, she was able to take a short walk again. I can't fool myself into thinking she is getting better though. Her rear legs have been getting weaker for a long time. In addition to her physical disabilities, Dot is also becoming increasingly senile. She still enjoys her meals and likes to smell things on her short walks, but sometimes I don't think she knows what planet she's on. Dot and I have bonded closely during her long, slow decline. She is very needy at times, but she trusts me completely and knows I am here to help. I think the fact that I am always nearby has allowed Dot to continue her life despite her many disabilities. I try to plan ahead, but I always feel bad when things don't work out as expected. Dot was fast asleep when I left for breakfast this morning. Who knew that she would really want to get up five minutes after I left.

By early afternoon, the house seemed normal and somewhat predictable again. I went up on the roof and cleared the remaining water away. Luckily, a lot of the standing water had already evaporated, so this job didn't take long. Since both dogs were still resting when I went back in the house, I decided to go pick up something for dinner at Central Market. I've become fond of their new Buddha Bowls and was pleased to see that they had added a few new varieties since my last visit. 

It's been a long day.  I'm tired, but I'm looking forward to the weekend. We're entering a new phase with Dot. Maybe a wheel chair will help her maintain her quality of life for a little longer. She definitely wants to keep on going. Sometimes I think the old girl is going to outlast me.

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