Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day 2665

I didn't accomplish much today. I used the dog's sleepy period to go pick up our tax preparation materials from the accountant. They used to just mail this stuff back to me after they filed the tax returns, but for some reason they insist on using FedEx now and charging for overnight delivery. It's much easier to just go retrieve the files myself. I think in the early days the accountant would just store all this stuff at their office, but they probably ran out of space years ago.

On the way home, I stopped at a shoe store to look for some slip on sandals for taking the dogs out at night. Flip flops are easy to find, but durable slip on shoes without the annoying flip flop loop you put your toe through are almost impossible to find. There are plenty of these shoes for women, but the shoe gods have apparently decided that men don't need them. I needed a new pair, because the shoes I'm using now are basically cheap house slippers that have been ruined by too many trips out in the muddy yard. I was surprised to find exactly what I needed and even more surprised to arrive home and find both dogs still sleeping.

I've got a tough choice to make now.  I like to let Dot sleep as long as she wants because she has more energy during her active periods if she's rested. Also, the only time I can get anything done is while Dot is sleeping. Unfortunately, if Dot goes more than two hours without going outside, she pees immediately as soon as she wakes up. A peaceful house usually ends up being a wet mess. If I take her outside regularly and keep things dry, it's difficult to get her to go back to sleep. Also, whenever Dot is up, Dash thinks it's time to eat and starts barking in the kitchen. There just isn't a good solution.

I tried to show Janet how to use the new Apple TV remote but she wasn't very interested. This is why we still have cable. I'll probably eventually download a few science fiction movies, but I don't even watch TV that much. The only reason I wanted to try this is that I think it's outrageous how much U-verse is costing us now. It's frustrating to go back and forth between the different services too. It's super easy and convenient to use the Apple TV remote. Returning to the cable box when you're done is another matter entirely. To switch back from Apple TV to U-verse requires three different remote controls. You've got to use the Apple remote to turn off Apple TV. Then you've got to use the Sony remote to switch to a different HDMI port. Finally you have to use the U-verse remote to turn on the cable box. There's got to be an easier way. People keep trying to invent a universal remote control. I've bought as few. The problem is that companies are always inventing new stuff that the universal remote doesn't recognize. It was much easier when I just read books.

The horse nettle is starting to bloom in the park. I see the plants everywhere now. The small purple flowers are pretty, but the plants are poisonous to horses and livestock. I assume they are poisonous for dogs as well. Luckily Dot and Dash don't seem interested in the many poisonous plants that make their home in the park. Jimson weed is even more hazardous than horse nettle, but it hasn't appeared yet. I'm mostly worried about the poison ivy and poison oak, which seem to be the most common plants in the park. It's rare that I can get through an entire Summer without at least one case of poison ivy.

The dogs have worn me out today. I hope everyone sleeps soundly tonight because I need the rest. At least there's no longer any rain in the forecast. Maybe the yard will finally dry out. I have no plans for tomorrow at all, but I'm sure I'll be busy. Just taking care of the bare necessities keeps me very busy these days.

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