Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day 2670 - Easter

It hasn't seemed like Easter for a long time. When I was young, I remember Easter baskets and going to sunrise services in our pajamas. We could get away with pajamas because the service was held at a drive-in theater. We stayed in the car and listened though one of those speakers that clamped to your window. I think the choir and the preacher were up on the roof of the concession stand. Since the service was outside, we actually did see the sun rise.

That was a long, long time ago. Now, what I remember most about Easter are the hordes of people that descend on the park for egg hunts and family picnics. I never realized that Easter picnics are a big deal, but apparently they are. Easter is the busiest day of the year in the park. I kind of dread walking Dash on this day because there are tons of loose dogs and copious amounts of candy and chocolates strewn in the grass. We did OK today until some kid flew a drone right over our head and it scared Dash. That was the end of the walk for us. Dash turned around and immediately set a course for home.

My gym is closed on holidays, so I got my exercise cleaning the house. Vacuuming has replaced mowing the grass as the chore I hate the most. It has become almost impossible to keep things clean with all the traction rugs we've spread everywhere for Dot. Some of the rugs are thin, so they get sucked up and jam the vacuum. Others are porous, so dirt gets under them. You've almost got to clean the house twice. The rugs need to be cleaned and then they need to be pulled up so you can clean under them as well. The Dyson Animal does pretty well with pet hair, but it sure is heavy. I'm always tripping over the cord as well. I think going to the gym would have been a lot easier.

I caught the end of the tribute to the Bee Gees on TV this evening. Barry Gibb can still sing. Jeez, the guy has to be over 70 now. I'm amazed at how well the music of my generation has held up over the years. I still think we had the best music growing up. Many of the greats have died over the years, but the Rolling Stones are still performing. Paul McCartney is still performing. And Barry Gibb can still hit the high notes.

Janet cooked a fabulous Easter dinner tonight. Elaborate meals are a rarity now. We are both old and tired and generally it just isn't worth the trouble. Mostly we just eat take-out these days. It was a treat to sit down and enjoy a really nice home cooked meal. It was kind of like getting an Easter basket when I was a kid. Even the dogs were well behaved this evening. I immediately forgot the aches and pains of vacuuming.

Although Dot continues to get weaker, she had a surprisingly good walk this evening. It probably helped that I waited until sunset when the weather was cooler. We'll see how tomorrow goes. We don't even try to make it to the back door anymore. I just put some puppy training pads next to her bed and let her pee there as soon as I get her up in the morning. Things keep changing and I continue to improvise in an effort to make the best of things.

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