Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 2672

Sometimes I wonder what I'd do if I didn't have dogs to take care of. I'd probably be making plans to view the solar eclipse this August. Maybe I'd try to reconnect with NASA and get myself invited to a few space launches again. I might go back to school and take some classes, although that is increasingly doubtful. Universities have become very strange. There's a good chance I might do nothing at all. My Dad had all sorts of plans for his retirement, but his health gradually declined and he ended up spending most of his time watching college basketball on a small TV in his living room. You never know what the future has in store for you. I see little point in making elaborate plans. I do have dogs to take care of. For the moment, this seems to be as valid a way to spend my days as anything else I could think of.

Today was a big improvement over yesterday. The skies have cleared and my rugs are drying out again. I think I have figured out why my breakfast smoothie tastes weird. The bananas aren't ripe. Dot didn't make a major mess in the house today, although the day isn't over yet. I even managed to get quite a bit of work done and all my client's websites are up to date.

I had to pick up some new city tags for Dash today. I wonder why it took me four years to realize that city pet registration was free for senior citizens. I guess I don't like to think of myself as a senior citizen. In my own mind, I'm still a nineteen year old with a rapidly failing mind and body. There's probably a lot of other free stuff I could take advantage of if I looked. I probably won't. I'm not the kind of guy who's looking for a free dessert at Luby's or half price matinee movie tickets. Let me know if anybody has senior citizen pricing on guitars or Ferrari's though. I might be interested.

Dot is having trouble taking her pills now. This is not good. We've been putting her pills inside a small ball of wet dog food, but in the past several days she's started spitting it out. For some reason, Dot is having trouble with soft foods now. First it was banana slices and now it's the "meatball" we make for her to take her meds. I'm going to have to figure out a better way to make sure she takes her pills. Oddly, Dot is still able to eat dry food just fine if the pieces are small. I never thought she'd lose the ability to chew soft things like bananas, but the aging process is full of mysteries.

I paid a bunch of bills today and took them to the post office. I'm probably never going to switch to online payments. I don't really need to go to the bank and post office anymore. There are apps on my phone that would let me bypass these errands. I guess I just like the ritual. Going to the post office gets me out of the house for a little while. I can see if there's anything new in the neighborhood while listening to NPR on the radio for a few minutes. These small outings and my Friday breakfast keep things in balance.

If the weather stays nice, I'll go up on the roof tomorrow and see whether the new patches survived the rain. I probably should go get that bone density scan at the doctor's office, but I hate sitting in the waiting room, so maybe I'll wait a while. I hope Dot has a good day. That's really all that matters.

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