Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 2728

I spent most of the day cleaning. Janet has to have surgery later this month and she wants the house spotless to reduce the risk of getting an infection when she returns. The chances of making our house spotless are about the same as you'd have of riding a unicorn to the moon, but I'm giving it my best shot anyway. Today I cleaned inside the air conditioning vents, which were full of dust and dead bugs and under the bed where I found an enormous accumulation of dog hair. I don't know how our house gets so dirty. We never open the windows and always use the best HEPA filters on the HVAC system. Dalmatians do shed a lot, but dog hair is only a small part of what I vacuum up every week. When I was a kid we lived across the street from a mechanical engineer who designed a special positive air pressure system for his house. When you opened the front door inside air flowed out, but outside air never flowed in. His house was always dust free. I wish I had something like that. I suspect that the engineer's custom made system was pretty expensive. I've never seen anything else like it.

Now that the envelope printer is working again, I finally managed to get my invoices in the mail. It's not like it matters much anymore. Every month I seem to bill out less than I did the previous month. The last time I saw my financial adviser, I asked him to run a projection to see what my odds were of outliving my money. I didn't like the results. I suppose I'll be just fine if I'm real frugal, but who wants to be frugal. I'll have to stay reasonably healthy too. That's always a problem.

I'm worried more about Dash's health now. I made an appointment to take him in for his triglyceride test early tomorrow morning. The last time we did blood work on Dash, his triglyceride levels were through the roof. I'm hoping that the last test results weren't accurate. Dash didn't fast for 12 hours before the previous blood tests and that can often skew the results. This time we'll do it right, even if it means that Dash will have to wait until later in the morning for his breakfast.

I'm having a hard time deciding what to do about the solar eclipse. Should I fly to Kansas City and rent a car? Should I take some camping gear and drive up from Dallas so I can stay flexible? I'd really like to go out to Wyoming where the chances of clear skies are better, but that's either a very long drive or a very expensive flight. I need to be more optimistic. Right now I keep thinking that whatever destination I choose will be the one place where it rains all day.

I was surprised to get a comment today from someone who used to read my posts on Usenet back in the early 90's. Am I the only one who misses Usenet and dial up modems? I liked the Internet a lot better when it was a quiet text-only place that only a few like minded nerds bothered to visit. It's like a ten lane freeway at rush hour now. I think we've become too connected. OK, I'll admit that I look at Facebook every day just like you do, but I think I could live without it.

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