Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 2744

I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my accounting software today. This somewhat ancient software is what is preventing me from upgrading my desktop computer's operating system, which would allow me to upgrade everything else. I'm very reluctant to touch accounting software, because if something goes wrong, years of records go down the drain. To play it safe, I decided to install the new software on my laptop first. If everything worked there, I could then proceed to upgrading the operating system on my desktop computer and install the accounting software again. Since a lot of single user licenses only allow you to install software on one computer, I had to call customer support to make sure my plan was even possible. The lady I talked to didn't seen to know very much, but eventually she told me to go ahead. I clicked the download button on my laptop and went to walk Dash. When I returned, my session had timed out and my download was only partially complete. No wonder I don't do this kind of thing very often. Another call to customer support got the download started again and I had something I could experiment with.

Everything seems to work, so I'll upgrade the main computer tomorrow. Hey, what could possibly go wrong? Every time I do a major system upgrade I am faced with a problem I never expected. There are hundreds of applications on the main computer and I can almost guarantee that five of them won't work anymore after I upgrade the operating system. Like it or not, you are forced to upgrade every once in a while. I'm doing this mainly so I can use my web design software again. Over time, everything will work out fine, but sometime tomorrow I'm going to think I made a big mistake.

I knew software upgrades would be complicated, but I thought grocery shopping on weekdays would simplify things. Until Janet recovers, I'm doing all the shopping, but there's no reason I need to do it on Saturday. I thought the stores would be empty on Thursday afternoon. Much to my surprise, they were just as busy today as they are on the weekends.  Oh, well. It seemed like a good plan. Maybe things are always busy in Dallas. I really didn't accomplish much, because I'm going to have to go back to the store this weekend anyway to pick up the fresh produce.

I was going to call the landscaper today, wash my car, and order more ink for the large format printer. I didn't do any of these things because I got completely sidetracked by the complicated software upgrade process. At least I remembered it was Thursday and took out the trash. Tomorrow, I'll drive Janet down to Baylor for another doctor's appointment. Maybe I'll go out to breakfast, but I kind of feel like fixing French Toast at home instead. Either way, I'll need to walk Dash very early. It's getting so hot that I don't feel comfortable walking a dog in the middle of the day. Staying inside doesn't bother Dash at all. He seems to enjoy his new role as Janet's bedside companion.

Maybe when I get all the computers upgraded, I'll become more productive. It's not very likely, but it could happen. I'm probably just going to be mad when my old software starts crashing.

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