Sunday, July 30, 2017

Day 2775

I went back to the gym today. It's amazing how quickly your body begins to deteriorate if you don't use it. With only a single month of reduced activity, my regular workout was really hard to complete. It wasn't like my leg was hurting or anything. I just didn't have the same amount of energy. When I started throwing the basketball, my shots didn't connect anymore. It was interesting. I thought I was shooting free throws exactly like I've always done, but the ball was landing just a little short. The hand eye coordination was the same, but the muscles had atrophied a bit more. It was like they were delivering 10% less power. I'm going to really have to work on regaining muscle mass. Things have been slowly going downhill for a long time. I'm going to have to start adding more protein to my diet and working out with weights. I've always liked the idea of being thin, but I can't afford to lose any more muscle. It's time for a change.

I was going to watch a few more episodes of The Expanse today and I thought I would watch them on the big TV instead of my computer. Bad idea. I quickly discovered that there's a problem with my Apple TV box. My network connection keeps dropping out even though the box is directly connected to the router with an Ethernet cable. Like many Apple problems, my sporadic connection problems were well documented by other users on Apple forums. A number of people seem to be experiencing the same type of problem I was seeing. No solution from Apple though. There seldom is these days.  I went back to watching my show on the computer.

There was a nice breeze when we took our sunrise walk with Dash this morning. unfortunately, that was the last walk Dash got today. Janet had to go to a meeting this evening and Dash wouldn't leave the house without her. He has become really attached to Janet while she has been home and follows her around all day. When she leaves the house now, he freaks out. I don't know if he is scared or lonely, or a little bit of both. It's going to be a problem when Janet goes back to work. I hope he can adjust. I know he feels more comfortable when Dot and Janet are around, but that isn't an option now. Dot is gone and Janet has a job.

Today went quickly. It's surprising how easy it is to fill a day with almost nothing. The simple act of trying to watch a movie sent me on an extended Google search where I learned some new things about modern technology. Evidently, many of the new devices you plug into your TV are able to control the TV. Your TV is also able to control these external devices. The whole idea is to let you do everything using one remote control. The problems start when two devices are trying to control each other and get confused. I think that's what happened with me today. I probably don't need a Roku stick, Chromecast, and Apple TV all hooked up to the same television. No wonder Janet prefers to watch TV using her iPad.

Jeez, it's almost August and I still don't have a plan for the summer. I've accomplished a few things, but there have been a lot of setbacks as well. There's so much to do that I hardly know where to start. Maybe a nice early walk tomorrow morning, followed by some strong coffee and a fruit smoothie will give me some ideas.

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