Saturday, August 5, 2017

Day 2781

We moved the rescue Dalmatians to a new boarding kennel this morning. This was a big undertaking, since there were quite a few dogs, along with their food and supplies. I haven't been very active with the group lately, so it was good to see some of the volunteers again. All of us were surprised that the kennel wasn't making more of an effort to keep our business, especially since Dalmatian Rescue had called this kennel home for quite a few year. Things change, I guess. What started out as an ideal boarding facility had gradually deteriorated and now our dogs were spending most of their time locked in their pens and weren't allowed to share the daycare area during the day, or even play with the other dogs. It was time to move them to another facility where they could enjoy a better quality of life while they were waiting for their forever homes.

I'm always amazed that dogs like these had been abandoned in the first place. They were all beautiful and most were well behaved. One was a fence jumper that we had to be careful transporting, and several others were timid and shy, but they would all make wonderful family pets. Janet an I used to spend a lot of time walking and socializing these rescue dogs on weekends. Maybe now that the new kennel isn't quite so far away, we might be able to do this again.

My new passport arrived in the mail today. That didn't take long. Now, I can go anywhere again, even though there is no place I'm eager to visit at the moment. I was surprised that the State Department didn't return my old passport. They used to always do this. It isn't a big deal, but I like to keep the old passports so I can see how much I've aged every ten years. I sure don't look the same as I did on my first passport photo.

We took Janet's car to transfer the dogs this morning. Wow. This is a very nice car. I've always assumed that I'll be driving Land Rovers forever, but this new Audi is making me rethink things. It drives like a dream and the electronics seem like something out of a science fiction movie. Cars have changed a lot in the last five years. Things are changing so rapidly that maybe my next car will be a self driving car.

We're supposed to get more rain next week. I hope we do. Even though it is still hot and muggy, we have had a cooler, and much wetter summer than usual. The grass and ground cover still looks nice and green in our yard, which is very unusual for August. Last year, things were pretty brown by now. I'm counting on the rain to keep things growing. I certainly don't feel like doing yard work. Cooler August temperatures are a relative thing. It's still too hot for me.

I wish I hadn't been in such a hurry to watch both seasons of The Expanse. It would have been nice to watch something this afternoon. After we finished transferring the Dalmatians to their new kennel and I did my normal Saturday grocery shopping, I didn't want to go outside again. With nothing to watch, I took a nap with Dash. He didn't feel like going outside either.

I'll probably go back to the gym tomorrow. I'm finally getting enough sleep. Now, I need to start getting enough exercise.

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