Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 2843

When I noticed Dash heading for the back door this morning, I rushed to get him ready for his walk. It's all a matter of timing. If I can catch him when he needs to pee, it's pretty easy to get him out the back door and headed toward the park. It's too bad I can't get his knee brace fitted and his boots on a little quicker. Sometimes he's out of the mood before I can get him ready. Today I was pretty fast and Dash was still eager to take a walk. In my haste today, I forgot my watch and my phone. In today's world I hate to be without a phone. It's not like I'm eager to talk to anyone, but its nice to always have the ability to call 911 if the need arises.

I almost didn't go out to breakfast this morning, but I knew that the day would just seem longer if I stayed at home. Going out for breakfast on Friday doesn't seem as interesting anymore. It's amazing that I was able to find a place that I liked for almost three years. Now I rarely go to the same restaurant twice. I anticipate going out to breakfast and then I am disappointed by it. I have a feeling that I'm just not as interested in eating anymore. It's not just breakfast. I'm not that interested in dinner either.

I'm glad that Dash still seems interested in eating. He's still picky and won't eat dry food in the morning, but he seems to love the Castor and Pollux Venison recipe. This brand gets good reviews but I think it might have too much protein for Dash. He needs to be on a low protein diet so he won't get urinary and kidney stones. We'll worry about these details later. The important thing now it to just keep him eating something reasonably healthy until we can get his heart issues resolved.

I've got to figure out how to rekindle my interest in the world. I'm not interested in anything these days. When work kept me busy, I didn't have time to wonder what I was interested in. Now, I've got plenty of time and not much desire. I have little desire to travel. I don't feel like going to movies. I rarely pick up a book. I haven't had a gallery show in years, I don't write songs anymore, and I don't even play the guitar very much. This can't be good. I keep feeling that this is temporary, but then months go by and I still feel the same way.

I need to start using my time to straighten out the mess in the storage warehouse and begin making some substantial repairs to the house. The trouble with doing physical things like this is I get tired a lot more easily than I used to. Unfortunately, if I wait another year to face these realities, the job will become even harder. The time to start downsizing is now. The only good thing about my lack of desire is that I've lost the desire to collect things too. At least I'm not accumulating stuff anymore.

I still care about Janet and I still care about Dash. Perhaps it it good that I've lost most of my youthful obsessions. Dash is certainly going to keep me busy in the day to come.

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