Saturday, October 7, 2017

Day 2844

Dash tried to get us out of bed this morning. This is a good sign. Lately, Dash has been so lethargic that he'd sleep all day if we didn't make a real effort to get him outside to pee in the morning. We won't really know what's going on until we go back for another echocardiogram next week, but it appears like Dash's condition is improving. For the first time in over a month, he wanted to walk down by the shoreline this morning. Even though this route usually results in Dash getting covered with sticky pollen and burrs, it was nice to see him enjoying himself. When we returned and cleaned him up, he ate a good breakfast. Things are looking up.

When I went to the grocery store this morning I saw several people who looked a lot like Stephen Paddock. It's disconcerting to think that almost any of the hundreds of ordinary looking people we see everyday could be consumed by hidden demons. How would you know? "See something, say something" wouldn't have worked in his case. Every time I turn on the TV, someone is speculating about this guy's motive. Maybe he didn't even have a motive. They say Paddock mostly played video poker when he was in Vegas. People who play the slots a lot seem really detached. They are completely different than the animated, shouting people gathered around the craps table. Being too detached isn't good. Detachment leads to neighborhoods where nobody knows their neighbors. Video games replace board games and texting replaces conversation. Maybe when you become too detached, people don't even seem real anymore. Of course anger is not much better than detachment. Anger leads to road rage and needless political arguments. I don't have any answers. How do you become a productive member of society when the society itself is crumbling around you?

I stay sane by walking my dog. I watch clouds and try to identify flowers and plants I see. I count ducks and listen to bird songs. I never wear ear buds or use my phone on these walks. What would be the point? When the dogs were young and strong, I used to walk for hours. Dash is much weaker now, but I think he still enjoys his time in the park. As long as we don't encounter aggressive loose dogs or bicycles, we're good.

Once again, I postponed doing any serious household chores. I filled the car with gas, ran my usual Saturday errands and came home. I was pleased that Dash ate well today. I'm really curious to see what next week's echocardiogram reveals. I wouldn't think that the Plavix would work this quickly, but maybe it does. Dash is still sleepier than usual, but that's OK. I was feeling sleepy as well. Dash and I took a nap together this afternoon. It certainly seemed like a better idea than vacuuming.

I need to see if it's too late in the season to buy St. Augustine Grass. I still need to repair the big gash the car that crashed through our front yard made. I need to start pestering the roofer again too. It's important to get the repairs finished before the rainy season starts. None of this will happen tomorrow. If tomorrow is like today, I'll be lucky to make it to the gym.

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