Friday, December 1, 2017

Day 2899

I need to stop going out for breakfast on Friday. I'm just not hungry anymore. I'll order something I usually like and then find myself unable to finish it. Dash seems to be having the same problem. He only ate half his breakfast this morning. Both of us are strongly motivated by food, so I don't know what's going on. For the past several months I've been going to a different restaurant every Friday in hopes that something would click. By the time my order arrives, I'm usually wishing I'd just stayed in bed. Maybe that's the answer. Perhaps Dash and I should just sleep in on Friday.

I tested the cameras and the wireless flash triggers this morning and everything works. Actually, I think the only thing that doesn't work is me. I try to remind myself that we only have two events this year. This should be a piece of cake. We used to do many more events during the holidays but we're all getting older. Two is plenty. Janet thinks I'm not friendly enough during these events, but I'll try to keep it together tomorrow. Nobody likes a grumpy photographer or a grumpy Santa.

I finally made it up on the roof today and patched a few more questionable areas. I also found another area where water had gotten under the elastomer, so I peeled the coating off so the damp section could dry. I was planning to re-coat this section tomorrow, but completely forgot that I'll be downtown taking pet pictures. My memory is shot. How could I immediately forget the photo shoot when I'd just spent the previous two hours checking my cameras and lights?  I think everything will be fine. There is no rain in the forecast. I guess I'll just look on the bright side. If I let the damp area dry for two days instead of one, my patch should last longer.

When I was walking Dash this afternoon, one of our neighbors told me that she's seen three adult coyotes walking down her street yesterday evening. Someone else told me recently that they'd seem a half eaten rabbit two weeks ago. I hate to see the coyotes moving back into the park. They were a real problem four or five years ago. I think they disappeared after they ate everything in the area. Now they're back. I wouldn't want to be a bunny this Winter.

I've got to get up early tomorrow if I want to walk Dash, eat breakfast, and take a shower before driving downtown for the photo shoot. I'd go to bed early tonight, but I missed that chance several hours ago. It seems impossible to get eight hours of sleep anymore. At least I'm getting six these days. When Dot was sick, I was barely getting four. Hey, a good night's sleep can work wonders. I'm going to bed as soon as I post this. I know I'm grumpy, but I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of great people I haven't seen since last year. We're a good team. I still think we do the best Santa pictures in town.

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