Sunday, March 25, 2018

Day 3013

There are so many products I would like to buy that simply don't exist. Why doesn't someone manufacture the dog boots I currently make by hand. I take a stretchy rubberized sock and apply tough yet flexible inner tube rubber at strategic wear spots. These boots are easy to get on Dash's feet and stand up to a lot of punishment. I've never seen anything like them. I also would like to see a bright saucer shaped LED bulb that would fit inside the living room sconce lights. I know exactly what the light bulb would look like, but nobody makes one. Trust me, I've looked. While I'm at it, why doesn't someone make an adapter that would allow you to retrofit inexpensive Home Depot toilet parts in my Porcher toilet? None of this is rocket science. Why doesn't anybody make these things?

I've always had these problems. Things I obsess about just aren't a high priority to anyone else. I can't even find a decent pair of pants anymore. About three years ago I found a brand I really like. The pants fit well, had tons of pockets, and were made of a heavy canvas like material that seemed like it would last forever. I should have bought more of these pants while they were still available. Now, this company makes everything out of much lighter synthetic fabric. They seems to love stretch fabric, which I hate. Everything is advertised as quick drying and easily packable. Apparently backpackers and rock climbers love this stuff. I guess I'm not the target audience anymore.

Dash pooped in the house again last night. I didn't even wake up this time. At some point I woke up and noticed that Dash was sleeping on the floor. This was unusual and I immediately suspected the worst. I picked up a flashlight and walked slowly and carefully toward the back door. It didn't take long to find the evidence. At least Dash tried to go outside. I felt bad that I didn't wake up, but I must have been really tired. Jeez, Dash. You bark at me for everything else. Couldn't you try barking when you need to poop? At least everything landed on the bricks. Although he almost hit the Persian rug in the living room, this was nothing compared to last night's mess. I cleaned everything up, washed my hands twice, and went back to bed.

I wonder if fitness trackers are even remotely accurate? My Apple watch never shows the same results as my Jawbone UP band. Today Janet and I both took the same morning and evening walks with Dash and we both went to the gym. Our fitness bands showed wildly different results. Could these things be delivering fake news as well? I wouldn't be surprised.

I finally got around to constructing a second pair of rubber boots for Dash. I sure wish Shoe Goo wasn't so messy. My dog boots are tough and functional, but they aren't very pretty. You'd never buy a pair if you saw these in a catalog. I wish Dash didn't need these boots, but he's dragging his rear legs even more than he used to. Dash would be a good candidate for water therapy if I could ever get him to ride in the car. Right now that isn't even an option.

The toilet and the refrigerator are still working normally. I've seen no evidence of ice build up in the refrigerator so far and I don't hear the toilet running anymore. It's too early to declare victory, but I think we're headed in the right direction.

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  1. Hooray for toilet and fridge repairs. I hear you about the pants. I have a pair of shorts I LOVE. Can I find another pair. No.