Saturday, January 6, 2018

Day 2935

We didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Dash had diarrhea and kept wanting to go outside on an hourly basis. I don't think this had anything to do with his heart or vestibular disease. He's become such a picky eater that we have to keep changing what we feed him just to keep him interested. Occasionally we pick something that doesn't agree with him. I'm not at my best in the middle of the night. Once I couldn't get my shoes on in time and Dash pooped in the living room. Sorry buddy, that was my fault. Around 4 AM, Dash's stomach settled down and we all went back to sleep,

Not surprisingly, we got off to a late start this morning. By the time we were ready to take Dash on his morning walk, the sun was already high in the sky. We didn't even need our Winter coats today. The weather was actually quite nice. It's a lot easier to get Dash ready, now that he isn't wearing the rubber boots. This isn't going to last long though. He drags his feet to much.

My day was filled with small errands. I went to my gym to find out more about their new membership plans. My old plan expired on New Year's Day and now my only choices are more expensive. I got all the details on the available plans, but didn't sign up for anything. Maybe it would be better to just go to a different gym.

On the way home I stopped at a fabric store and looked for material to fix my old down booties. Maybe I can fix these things myself. The store didn't have what I needed, but I was pleased that they treated me like I knew what I was doing. I used to be quite good at sewing things, although I still can't figure out Janet's fancy new machine. To me a fabric store is very much like a hardware store. They both have tools and materials to make things.

I discovered where all the missing movies went in my iTunes application. They aren't stored on your computer anymore. All the movies and songs are off in the cloud somewhere. If you aren't logged into your iCloud account, you don't see the purchases. This kind of irritated me and I decided to download the movies to my computer. Almost immediately, I discovered why Apple keeps these things stored in the cloud. HD movies take a long time to download. The movies that I used to buy were recorded at a lower resolution and were much smaller files. After downloading two HD movies and crashing my WiFi several times, I decided that storing the movies in the cloud was a better idea after all. Younger people probably don't have a problem with all this, but I was having trouble with the idea of purchases that weren't physically in my possession. I stubbornly wanted the files on my own computer. Oh, well. Live and learn. The cloud actually is better for some things.

When I was out this afternoon, I saw a huge line of cars in front of a neighborhood car wash. Don't these people know that it is going to rain tomorrow? I would never wash my car the day before it was expected to rain. Maybe these people aren't as obsessed with weather as I am. I am constantly checking the weather on my phone, computer, and even on the thermostat in the hallway. I hate being caught by surprise, although despite my best efforts I find myself caught out in the rain with Dash surprisingly frequently.

Dash seems better today. He is eating normally and his poop is slowly becoming firm again. I wish simple things like meals weren't so complicated, but I guess everything is complicated these days.

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