Friday, January 26, 2018

Day 2955

I bet I could determine my mood fairly exactly if I just took a light meter outside in the morning and measured the ambient light. The higher the number of foot-candles, the better my mood. Today was so dark and grey that I doubt the meter would have registered much. I was a little surprised that we didn't get rained on when we took our morning walk. Typically, when the sky is this dark, Dash and I get wet.

I thought going out for breakfast might improve my mood, but I picked the wrong restaurant. I ordered a couple of breakfast tacos and as soon as my order arrived, I realized that I should have stayed home and fixed a bowl of oatmeal. I had a table facing a busy street, so I watched people going to work while I ate. There were more pickups on the road than cars and most of the cars were SUV's. There were very few pretty cars. I would have preferred to see more British cars, but Japanese cars were winning the popularity contest. Three out of four cars passing my window were Japanese. My tacos weren't all that great, but I'm easily amused. My impromptu restaurant window survey was probably a better use of my time than sitting at home scrolling through my Facebook page.

When I returned from breakfast I washed the car. I didn't let the fact that it is going to rain tonight stop me. Hey, I have no plans to go anywhere tomorrow anyway. It seems like I'm always thinking about water. When I took a shower, I realized it was time to get out the wet-dry vacuum and remove the water that had accumulated under the tile shower floor. I wonder where this water would go if I never removed it? Every three or four days I'm able to extract over a quart of water using the vacuum. I wish I had a machine that could see through the tiles. There has to be a leak somewhere, but I still have no idea where this water is coming from.

On slow days I spend a lot of time updating computers and programming electronic devices. I seldom watch movies, but I clearly want to be ready if I ever get the urge. I frequently fiddle with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Netflix trying to build the perfect user profile. The Roku stick works well, but Apple TV is always a problem. For something that was four times more expensive than Roku, Apple TV is very unreliable. I still haven't been able to watch something from start to finish without losing the WiFi signal. Apple TV crashed on me three times today. Eventually I just gave up because it was time for Dash's dinner anyway.

The mail carrier left someone else's mail in our box again today. This happens frequently. It makes me wonder how much of my own mail is getting lost the same way. I'll probably never know. I always write "wrong address" on the envelope and stick the letter back in the box. The misplaced mail is gone the next day but I have no idea if it ever gets to its destination.

The garbage truck with the robotic arm knocked over my trash can this morning. This probably isn't as bad as misplaced mail, but clearly people aren't paying attention. I had to repeat my breakfast order three times because the guy at the counter kept think I'd ordered something different. That one was probably my fault. People say I mumble.

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