Thursday, February 8, 2018

Day 2968

The WiFi went out today. I hate calling AT&T so much that I have a second WiFi hotspot with T-Mobile. Since outages are usually intermittent, it is often easier to use this alternate service than call technical support. I guess I could have done that again today, but I was so irritated that my U-Verse bill has gone up again I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get what I was paying for.

I hate calling technical support. It takes five minutes of talking to a robot before you can connect with a real person. Usually the technician you are speaking to is not a native speaker and the conversation is mostly "could you repeat that, I couldn't understand you." The tech support people are nice enough. They just don't speak English well. Before you can explain your problem, the technicians always wants to run some tests. It doesn't matter that I've already run the tests before I placed the call. They run the tests again anyway. Usually the tests are inconclusive and they want to send another technician out to the house.

That's what happened again today. I've been through this process too many times before. Usually the service guy just replaces the router and then you have to reconnect your entire WiFi network. I tried to explain to the technician that it might not be worth the trouble to send someone out, since I was thinking of dropping U-Verse anyway. He said he already had a ticket open and that was the only way to resolve my issue. "Could this guy you send out hook me up to your fiber optic network if he can't fix my router," I asked. "No, that's an entirely different department," said the technician. I wasted a lot of time today, and I'll waste even more tomorrow when the other technician arrives.

The stock market dropped another thousand points today. This is so irritating. I finally recovered from   the disastrous 2008 crash and was looking forward to smooth sailing in 2018. The market may have gone up too fast, but there is no good reason why it should be going down. Most companies are enjoying record profits. Consumer confidence is up. Manufacturers are hiring again. This is not like 2008 at all. Some people say this crash was caused by hedge funds shorting the volatility index and then having to sell stocks to cover their shorts when the trade went bad. Maybe. I just wish there were more people like Warren Buffet and fewer people trying to get rich quick by gaming the system.

Dash had a good day, but he definitely didn't have a good night. He woke me up several times last night and seemed agitated. He finally pooped, but it took him several tries. When he returned to bed, he started shivering violently. Covering him in a blanket didn't help at all. At one point he seemed to have trouble breathing and I became very alarmed. We've been through this before and knew there was little point in taking him to the vet. We just had to keep Dash calm and wait for the tremors to subside. It took about an hour, but eventually the shivering stopped and Dash started sleeping normally again. He woke up this morning as if nothing had happened.

I think the shivering and tremors are another aspect of Dash's vestibular disease. They also could be caused by the blood clots in Dash's heart. I wish there was something we could do, but Dash's doctors have no answers. Sometimes I wonder why they don't try a different blood thinner like Warfarin or Heparin, but maybe these medicines don't work in dogs.

If Dash is feeling well, I might go out for breakfast tomorrow. I'm not that hungry. I just need to get out of the house for a while.

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