Friday, March 9, 2018

Day 2997

Dash wasn't happy that I finally started working on my taxes. I had to pen him out of the office because the floor was covered with documents I needed to sort through. I couldn't spread the documents out on my desk because it was already completely cluttered with other things. It was hard to concentrate because Dash kept barking at the gate, but eventually I began to make sense of 2017. It wasn't an auspicious year. The company didn't make much but the stock market did well, so I'll probably have to pay something. Tax preparation is discouraging. Each year looks a little worse than the previous year. It is obvious that I am in the middle of a long, slow decline.

I remember reading a book called "Die Broke" when I was younger. The theory was that it was pointless to leave a lot of money behind. Dying broke sounds OK, but running out of money fifteen years before you die doesn't sound like such a good idea. How do you fine tune this if you have no idea how much time you've got left? I wish there was some kind of scan a doctor could do that would tell you exactly when you were going to die. It sure would make planning a lot easier.

I don't even know how much time Dash has left. When the specialists at the cancer center discovered the blood clots in his heart, they sounded so alarmed that I though we might only have a few weeks left. That was months ago. It's kind of amazing, but Dash actually seems to be getting better. He's eating regularly now and has more energy. He eagerly ate all his food today and took two long walks. As recently as Christmas this would have seemed impossible.

Dash has become more needy since he started having vestibular seizures. The heart problems haven't helped either. He doesn't like to be left alone now and always seems to be demanding something. I try to be patient. If I was dealing with all the medical issues he's been facing, I'd probably be feeling pretty needy too.

I kind of felt bad that I had to pen Dash out while I sorted through my tax documents. It had to be done though. I'm running out of time. It was probably worth the effort. I think I've got things organized enough to take to my accountant on Monday.

I did end up going out for breakfast this morning. Dash wasn't happy about that either. I should have just stayed home and had a bowl of oatmeal. My meal was a big disappointment. I ordered Chorizo con Huevos and knew I was in trouble when the cheese on top was just one of those Kraft single serve sandwich slices. I don't think that stuff is even really cheese. The spicy taste of this dish is supposed to come from the sausage, not from the chili power they inexplicably added. Jeez. I won't be going back to this place any time soon.

I miss the restaurant that got me started on going out for breakfast on Friday mornings. The food was fabulous until suddenly it wasn't. That's why they went out of business. If I can't find somewhere that makes a meal worth waiting all week for, I'm just going to have to become a better cook.

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