Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Day 3016

The roof leaked last night. I was really hoping to avoid this, but it's been raining steadily for several days now. I guess my luck ran out. The leak wasn't bad, but it's one more reason to get the roofers out here as soon as possible. The leak forced me to go up on the roof and remove the standing water even though I know it is going to rain some more. I have no idea where the leak is coming from. There are four or five suspicious areas, along with others I probably haven't discovered yet. Water is relentless. Once it has breached the outer elastomer coating, it looks for weak points and eventually finds its way inside.

While I was eating breakfast this morning, I got a notice on my phone that I had a dental appointment in an hour. I'd completely forgotten. I knew the dentist would be mad if I canceled the appointment at the last minute, so I put the rest of my breakfast in the refrigerator, hopped in the car, and headed North. With normal traffic, the dentist office is about an hour away. I arrived with five minutes to spare. All I needed today were new x-rays and a cleaning. When I was younger I would have skipped minor things like this. Luckily, I finally realized that I can't ignore my teeth. I faithfully go to the dentist every six months now.

Since the rain is finally starting to subside, I was able to give Dash two walks today. I never know whether he's going to take his afternoon walk, but today he seemed eager to go. Inconsistencies in people and animals baffle me. Why would Dash refuse to walk one day and be eager to walk the next? At any rate, I was glad that Dash felt like moving today. These slow walks are probably the closest thing to physical therapy he's going to get. The underwater treadmill helped Dot quite a bit as her legs began to get weaker. I don't think we're going to be able to try this with Dash. He hates riding in the car and the trip downtown would be a nightmare.

I kept wondering why it was only Tuesday today. It feels like it should be Friday. Rainy days just seem longer. It doesn't help that I'm not getting much sleep either. Dash had to go outside twice last night. Why he can't learn to poop just before he goes to bed, I'll never know. We made it safely outside both times, so I didn't have to clean up poop in the house. I did have to clean up something though. Remember that roof leak I was telling you about.

I'll have to wash the car tomorrow. I actually did quite a bit of driving today, considering it was so wet and messy. Everything was important though. In addition to the dental appointment, I needed to make a deposit at the bank so I can pay my taxes, and as always, there were bills to take to the post office. Tomorrow, all I'll need to do is pick up something for dinner at the grocery store. The refrigerator is still nice and cold, but it's looking pretty empty.

Maybe I'll sleep better tonight. It all depends on Dash. I think I've programmed myself to wake up whenever Dash moves. He moves around a lot. Oh, well. Sleep is nice but I can live with a little less as long as I don't have to clean up poop every night.

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