Friday, April 6, 2018

Day 3025

Today started out well. It wasn't raining when I woke up. I had a tasty frittata for breakfast. Dash seemed relatively normal and took a decent walk. I even found time to go to the storage warehouse and retrieve a few rugs that could be place near Dash's food and water bowls to keep him from slipping. The last thing on my list was to go to the AT&T store and look at an iPhone SE, but the salesperson told me that the phone had already been discontinued.

This didn't seem right, especially since the Apple website still said the phone was a current model. I fed Dash a light lunch and then headed back to the same Apple store I visited yesterday. Since I'd already decided to replace my current phone with this inexpensive model, I didn't want to see it discontinued right in front of my eyes. I probably would have waited to get the phone if the AT&T folks hadn't got me worried. To save a further trip back to this store, I got the phone and decided to install the SIM card at home and activate the phone myself.

As you might expect, this process took the rest of the day. I slowly and methodically transferred my files and looked up passwords I'd forgotten. Somehow, my watch became unpaired and I had to reinstall the watch software. That took a while. I lost today's steps on my fitness tracker and some of my photos didn't transfer, but as software updates go, it wasn't all that bad.

As the day progressed, the sky got darker and darker. Dash also started to become unsteady on his feet again. I strategically placed the rugs I'd brought home, but Dash never seemed to stand on them the way I'd imagined. I may have to go back to the storage warehouse and get some more rugs. Even though Dash looked a little unsteady, he still seemed hungry, so around 3:30 PM I fed him part of his dinner. This probably was a mistake. Less than an hour later, Dash became frantic, went outside and ate grass, and then threw up. This was unexpected. Usually, after finishing a course of the Cerenia pills, he is able to hold down his food for almost a month.

I hate to give Dash more Cerenia so soon, but if he throws up again we probably have no choice. For the moment, Dash seems normal again. We delayed his evening pills a bit to ensure he was able to hold down food. I really don't know what to do at this point. Dash continues to bounce back after each episode, but he's never quite a strong as he was before. He seems to take two steps forward and three steps back. We have another major evaluation scheduled at the cancer center next week, but I'm not sure the vet will be able to offer us much help.

The thunderstorm I was expecting last night finally arrived toward dinner time. I think people living to the North of us got the worst of the storm, but we still got some wind and rain. I need to remember to move some living room furniture and bring the bucket in before I go to bed tonight, just in case the leak reappears. I don't think we got enough rain to cause roof problems, but you never know.

It's been a hectic day. All is well though. Dash is calm and took his evening pills without incident. I wish I could convince him to sleep on the floor, because it's becoming harder and harder for him to climb on the bed. Even the special step we installed doesn't help much. So far, my new phone seems exactly like my old phone. The SE is supposed to be much faster, able to run the latest software, and can take better pictures, but I can't tell any difference.

I've almost given up on getting a good night's sleep, but maybe I'll get lucky tonight. Dash needs to rest and so do I.

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