Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Day 3072

Dash surprised me today with explosive diarrhea. What a mess. There was a long line of liquid poop running from the kitchen to the back door. I raced to get the door open in time, but it wouldn't have mattered. It was obvious that Dash couldn't make it to the door. By the time I got everything cleaned up, Dash seemed fine again. I wish he was able to give me a little warning. Whenever Dash races to the door like this, I know that something is going to come out one end or the other.

I wish we could figure out what was causing Dash's digestive problems. He's become an incredibly picky eater. He throws up periodically. And just when we think he's getting back to normal, he has these bouts of diarrhea. If we could find something he would eat consistently, I'm sure it would help. Dogs do better on a consistent diet, but an inconsistent diet is still better than not eating at all. We haven't figured this out yet, but we're doing the best we can.

The electrician came over today and the security light in the back yard is working normally again. Hopefully, I won't get as many chigger bites now that I don't have to wade through the thick ground cover every evening to flip the switch on the breaker box to turn the light on manually. I've started to notice that the more technology is involved in a repair, the better service you get. The technician I use to repair my computers can fix almost anything I need the same day. The new appliance repairman who fixed my refrigerator usually responds in a day or two. The electrician always comes quickly and my HVAC guy is pretty good too. When no electricity is involved, things start to fall apart. It takes forever to get the roofers to make a repair and the landscaper is even worse. I'm still trying to contact that guy.

We had a tough time getting Dash to take his pills this morning. He wasn't interested in eating anything. He still wanted to walk though, and after a long, slow stroll through the park he decided to eat his breakfast after all. Every day is a cliffhanger. I never know if he's going to eat or not. We repeated this process at dinner and he finally finished everything about four hours after he started. I'd just let him wait until he got really hungry if he didn't need to take all these pills on a regular schedule. Most of the pills can't be taken on an empty stomach. This is what makes mealtime so difficult.

After cleaning up Dash's messy diarrhea, a lot of other unpleasant chores seemed easy. I cleaned the toilets and then tackled the grease stained wheels on my car. I was just about ready to clean all the spiderwebs off the back windows, but then I decided that enough was enough. There's always tomorrow, or more likely, next month.

I recorded tonight's episode of The Expanse and will watch it tomorrow. I've been hearing that there might not be a Season Four of this show. I hope that's not true. So far, this show, a series called Detectorists on BBC, and ancient black and white Perry Mason episodes are the only television I enjoy watching.

I hope that Dash can keep it together tomorrow. I'm tired of cleaning up vomit and poo.

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